Clone Wars Rules

Key terms:

RDM means "Random Death Match" - This is shooting/killing someone without a valid roleplay reason.

RDA means "Random Arrest" - This is arresting someone without a valid roleplay reason.
LTAP means “Leaving to avoid punishment” - This is when someone leaves a situation to avoid receiving punishment e.g. Disconnecting the server whilst being in a staff sit.

OOC means "Out Of Character" - This is chats that have no relation to roleplay and can be accessed by typing "/OOC" or "/LOOC" in chat. Out of character chat is not a platform to be disrespectful.

IC means "In Character" - This is when acting or talking about things involving your character or another. Your character may have their own personality and should have feelings separate to your out of character self.

Metagaming is using any form of out of character communication or information in-character. This is using information received out of character to an advantage.

Mingeing means purposefully harming the roleplay of the server, breaking or attempting to break the server's rules in any way and generally acting like an idiot.

If you have any questions about rules, speak to a staff member in-game or on the forums who can be identified by their tags.

General Rules

1.1 - Staff word is final. If you disagree with a staff members judgment, report it on the forums or approach a HA+.
1.2 - No racist, sexist, homophobic or offensive language. This goes for IC & OOC.
1.3 - Do not Meta Game.
1.4 - Do not RDM.
1.5 - Do not randomly fire a weapon. You must have an RP reason for firing a weapon.
1.6 - Advertising of any form will not be tolerated and will result in a permanent ban.
1.7 - Using hacks/cheats/glitches/exploits/scripts is not allowed. If found using them, you will be given a permanent ban.
1.8 - FailRP is not tolerated. RP situations should be handled In-Character first, until told otherwise. If you are unsure if what you are about to do could be FailRP, ask a staff member or stop and consider if it would be something you would see within the Star Wars universe.
1.9 - Mass breaking server rules with no intention of roleplaying will result in a permanent ban; to the staff member's discretion.
1.10 - If you are found to be AFK for more than 5 minutes when the server is at capacity, you will be kicked to free up player slots.
1.10b - Do not attempt to avoid the AFK kicker.
1.11 - Serious Roleplay is always in affect unless stated by a Senior Staff member.
1.12 - Under no circumstances are you to impersonate a staff member, this applies to everyone, staff or not.
1.13 - Voice changers may only be used for RP reasons, you must have your voice changer reviewed and approved by an Admin+ before using it.
1.14 - All comments in LOOC/OOC chat must be kept appropriate, and excessive use of caps is a warnable offence.
1.15 - Do not mic spam.
1.16 - Do not LTAP.
1.17 - Spoilers on Star Wars films or TV shows within their first month of release will result in a minimum one week ban.
1.18a - Do not spam any of the chat channels with messages.
1.18b - Do not use chat emojis within In-Character channels (only use in OOC/LOOC) .
1.19 - Do not complain about a staff member and their decisions, or an event, in OOC chat. File a complaint on the forum or approach a Head Admin+.
1.20 - Loopholes in any way or shape won't be tolerated, check with a Staff member if you're unsure of your actions, and remember rule 1.1
1.21 - You may NOT use Acts or PAC3 animations during combat or immediately after, under any circumstance. Doing so will result in an instant warn. Continued use will result in bans.

Regimental Discords

1.22 - Any Discord handed out in-game or in an official MVG Discord server must be an MVG official Discord. No handing out or advertising of private servers, these must be sent via DM.
1.23 - All content posted in MVG Discords must be SFW.
1.24 - Admin permissions may be temporarily requested by a HA+ if required to handle a report. For example, if a HA+ receives reports of bullying/racism on one of the official discords they have the right to get temporary admin perms until the report has been completely resolved.

Roleplay Rules

2.1 - The Grand Army of the Republic is a military as we all know, so behave appropriately as a Clone or military personnel would.
2.2 - Do not abuse your rank or your role and act within the guidelines.
2.3 - Do not use /c for non-IC matters, /c is an in-character communication device.
2.4 - For actions used in RP, use /me to describe the actions of your character. You should use /rp only for actions that affect the whole event/specops/training.
2.5 - Follow the three Brotherhood rules: Bronze, Silver and Golden.
2.6 - Do not misuse your Loadout, use it with common sense following RP, e.g. do not grapple to ships, do not fly with rocket boots outside the ship.
2.7 - You must have a valid RP reason and permission from staff to turn rogue.
2.7b - You may shoot/kill a clone who has gone rogue.
2.8 - When a player is using "active camouflage" or any SWEP that allows cloaking while crouched or walking your character cannot see them.
2.9 - Do not attempt to break someone out of, nor break out of, cuffs without a valid RP reason.
2.10 - Dead men tell no tales. If you have been killed, you will have no memory of what occurred before you died.
2.11 - Promotions must be handled in-character and on the server.
2.12 - Do not disrespect or invoke beef with another regiment, this includes OOC chat.
2.13 - Players may only heal themselves if they have been out of combat for at least 10 seconds. Being out of combat in this context means not using any equipment to engage the enemy nor being actively engaged by enemies.
2.13b - Players may not heal other players that are actively being engaged unless the healer is not being fired upon and is healing with the medigun or bacta grenade. If the healer and heal target are both behind cover, the healer may still heal the friendly if they are actively engaging the enemy but must not be taking any damage.
2.13c - Players may defibrillate hostages, event characters, the OD and fleet when it is not important to the story, and unless told otherwise by the event host. The defibrillator can only be used when the medic is out of combat.
2.14 - Rear Admiral+ and Supreme General may execute with a valid RP reason (that needs to be provided upon staff request). Executing players without reason will be treated as if breaking rule 1.4.
2.15 - You must be out of combat for at least 15 seconds before cloaking.

Regiment & Character Rules

3.1 - Regiment changes must be coordinated with your Executive officer or Commanding officer.
3.2 - Regiments may only hold tryouts with Navy/OD permission. SGT+ may train cadets (a CPL may train a cadet with supervision from an LT+) and LT+ may host training unsupervised.
3.3 - Specialist Equipment and Vehicles require Navy/OD permission to be deployed.
3.6 - You may only spawn vehicles at the briefing area of events or the main hanger/courtyard and must be granted by Navy/OD to take off and leave base/ship.
3.6a - You may only pilot ships/drive vehicles/use special regimental equipment if you have been trained IC to do so, are playing in an RP job which has access to that equipment and have had permission from a navy/general or staff member.
3.7 - Arrest lengths for breaking republic regulations are limited to 10 minutes, however repeat offenders may be arrested for up to 15 minutes.
3.8 - When arresting cadets take them to the cadet or training room, not the brig, they need to be trained not imprisoned.
3.9 - Roleplay names must be formatted as abbreviated regiment name e.g GC followed by abbreviated rank (excluding MJR+) e.g SGT followed by four appropriate numbers and an RP appropriate name (to staff's discretion). Full name example: GC SGT 3504 Bob.
3.9b - Only MJR+ may spell their rank without abbreviation or numbers.
3.10 - Ribbons which are handed out by Navy or Generals may be kept in your RP name after resigning from an IC role, ribbons handed out by regimental higher-ups may not.
3.10b - Ribbon/Medal abbreviations must be no longer than three characters in length. You may have up to two Ribbons/Medals in your RP name at any one time if awarded. Spec abbreviations will count towards these two slots.
3.11 - You may only spawn entities if you are out of combat for at least 10 seconds.
3.12 - You cannot shoot a vehicle's weapons whilst the vehicle is on a Maintenance Pad.
3.13 - You cannot use explosive devices whilst in flight with a jetpack or rocketboot.
3.14 - 1. All vehicles must be spawned in appropriate areas. Appropriate areas for ships include: Landing pads, Hangar Bays, LZ on planetaries. Inappropriate areas for ships include: Runway i.e. not on a landing pad, MH on Anaxes, Outside of base i.e. in a random field
3.15 - Take-off priority during combat situations are as follows, in descending order: Talon Squadron | Other 327th | Sentinels / RC Characters | Other Jedi | Fleet / Generals.
3.16 - Never ram another player or ship with your own ship.
3.17 - Do not land on people, NPC’s or other vehicles.
3.18 - Never leave your ship unattended, ask the staff to de-spawn it if you are done with it.
3.19 - Never give your ship to anyone who isn't in a regiment/job allowed to fly and is trained to fly.
3.20 - To utilise the NTB bomber or the mini LAAT you need both OD and event host's permission.
3.21 - Dioxis Gas cannot be used on droids.

Jedi & Shadow Trooper Rules

4.1 - Follow the guidelines of your own VIP branch, failure to do may lead to Package Strikes.
4.2 - Do not abuse your equipment to avoid arrest or mess around, failure may lead to Package Strikes.
4.3 - XP, skill points, hilts, and crystals may only be handed out to Jedi with a Jedi General present to confirm.

Neutral Rules

5.1 - All Neutral jobs must be used to roleplay and not to minge. This also means not abusing equipment (e.g to avoid arrest).
5.2 - Wookiees may not use the Speeder bike without Fleet, General, or OD's permission.
5.3 - Neutral roles may not work with enemies unless granted approval by staff. All Neutral jobs work under the orders of Fleet, Generals or the OD.
5.4 - Neutral jobs have only Open Comms. In addition to that, maintenance droids, medical droids and bounty hunters working for the republic have Secured Comms  It is FailRP to ‘steal’ comms unless the staff has granted permission.
5.5 - Weapons and comms cannot be stripped until the hostile has surrendered by holstering their weapons and are stood still.
5.6 - If misbehaving, Droid jobs should be taken to the AI Core instead of the brig to be 'repaired', if Droids repeat offend they may be 'disassembled' with staff permission and the player will be temporarily removed from playing the role.
5.7 - Staff may strike Neutral job packages if rules are not being followed. Strike 1: Player will lose access for one week. Strike 2: Player will lose access for two weeks. Strike 3: Player will lose access permanently and may only receive access under senior staff's discretion.

Pac Rules:

7. - For all PAC3 rules, click here.

Staff Rules:

8.1 - Do not add yourself to roles you are not appointed to in the whitelist system. This excludes starting VIP roles.
8.2 - As a member of staff you are expected to act maturely and not misbehave - you are a role model to the players.
8.3 - You may not abuse the whitelist system to add players to whitelists they have not earned.
8.4 - You may not abuse any commands such as explode, or freeze other staff members using the physgun in view of other players.
8.5 - If you are to join another server and receive a staff rank on that server you will lose all staff privileges on MVG.
8.6 - You must cloak when no clipping. Uncloak yourself when talking to players or dealing with staff calls.
8.7 - Veteran Policy Link

Event Enemy Rules:

9.1 - Super battle droids can only walk.
9.2 - You may only shoot 1 rocket every 20 seconds, this applies to all rocket launcher weaponry as well as the B2 Super Battledroid wrist rockets.
9.3 - You should NOT ask to change classes when you are an event enemy. You get what you are given at staff's discretion.
9.4 - If main characters enter a ship, you should NOT shoot at them. If you do it will result in a warning.
9.5 - All event character names must be RP appropriate. Failing to have a suitable RP name will see you take no part as an enemy. It is to the staff's discretion what an appropriate name is.
9.6 - Event characters must abide by the RP rules, this includes not running around and screaming like an idiot. Failing to do so will see you removed from the event.
9.7 - Only main event characters or sith may resist a Jedi General’s mind tricks when under interrogation.
9.8 - Melee Enemies must focus on Melee Friendlies. Should there be no Melee Friendlies in the area they are free to focus on anyone they find.
9.9 - Refer to 3.13 do not use explosive devices whilst in flight, specifically Deathwatch.
10. - Upon reaching 1HP, Event Enemy Characters should flee without attacking anyone.
11.1 - Prioritize ships, don't just ignore them to go hold down mouse1 at a group of people.
11.2 - Do not hover in ships, always be moving especially during a dogfight.

11.3 - You may NOT enter a vehicle of a faction which is not your own, without the event hosts permission.

For further in-game related rules click here to access the Magna Carte.

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