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CE Engineer 4042 Avonana

CG Executive Officer Avonana

Jedi Knight Avonana

CG Executive Officer Avonana

Coruscant Guard Hall of Fame Avonana/Rabies

501st LCPL 4042 Avonana

CT DSGT 4042 Avonana

CG CPT 4042 Patriarch

GM SSG 4042 Patriarch

WP SGM 4042 Patriarch

CT Senior DSGT Rabies

Clone Trooper Hall of Fame Rabies

Fleet Probation Officer Rabies

Shock Commander Rabies


MoV - CR - CSR - TR - PR - PDR (x2)


Shock: SGS - EOM - DSM - LEM - PSM - CPM

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If I am number two there is no number one.

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