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MVG is proud to have sustainable servers and that's thanks to the generosity of our players. Please donate anything you can spare in order to ensure our servers have an even bigger future with on-going development as well as for new server projects. Your donations will help us achieve these tasks.

Alternatively you can choose to purchase one of our VIP packages.

Clone Wars VIP


With this pack you get exclusive access to all VIP packages on the Clone Wars Server. You'll also receive a custom CW VIP tag on the forums and on our official Discord server.

Packages this comes with:

- The Jedi Order
- Republic Commandos
- Cuy'val Dar
- Legacy RP Jobs
- PAC3
- VIP Forum & Discord Tag

Jedi Order


With this package you will become part of the Jedi order, starting as a Jedi Youngling and working your way through the ranks. You will receive access to the Jedi Youngling rank and then be promoted to the different Jedi variants in time. Please be aware that each Jedi rank has its own benefits, perks and skins and you will not immediately receive access to all Jedi ranks. You may only become the Jedi rank assigned to yourself.

Please note, this grants access to Jedi Youngling from the beginning and will allow you to progress through the Jedi order in time.

Republic Commandos


With this package, you will be enlisted into the ranks of the Republic Commandos, a force of elite Clone Troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Starting off as a standard commando you will be trained up under the watchful eye of Delta Squad with the chance of earning your place in Omega Squad, Foxtrot Squad, Clone Force 99 or maybe even Delta Squad.

Please note, some roles may also be able to spawn extra items and will have access to a varied skin range as well as additional weapons.

Cuy'val Dar


Cuy'val Dar description coming soon™️

Please be aware that each job you gain access to has its own perks, benefits, models and weapons on the server.

Legacy RP Jobs


With this package you gain access to the Legacy and Neutral Jobs. These jobs are different from each other. These are individual characters who work on their own when it comes to incursions. When becoming a legacy neutral job remember that you are a lone person with a vast amount of opportunities.

You're a guest on a republic star ship act as such.



This package allows you to enhance the look of your character by adding a variety of items such as weapons, skin customisation and various cosmetics that applies to your regiment, allowing you to stand out from the rest. You are still required to follow our PAC3 rules.