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Turtles £107.00
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Jax £56.00
Sexy Biker Dude £51.00
Actual £48.00
Monarc £48.00
Nikolai £45.00
OnlineRuby £45.00
Ares Crown £45.00
sattire £45.00

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jordanmclaren22 Cuy'val Dar £7.00
ivmen Republic Commandos £10.00
Turtles Cuy'val Dar £7.00
Clitorus Legacy RP Jobs £5.00
L2 Legacy RP Jobs £5.00

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This is our community's donation system. It is fully automatic and you are able to buy various packages for our servers. You are also able to make donations. 

At MVG we take pride in our servers and the high standard and up-keeping we maintain. These high standards are only possible through the generous contributions and additions of our community members. In return for these contributions we take every care in our security and ensure that all donations made are treated with only the highest levels of security and care. This means our donations are handled through a third party, PayPal; to ensure every security measure available to us is taken to keep your data and monetary information secure.