Palworld Rules

Bugs and Exploits

1.1 Abusing glitches, bugs and exploits is not prohibited
1.2 Using any form of cheat/hack, or third party software is not permitted
1.3 Macros are not permitted

Building and Objects

2.1 Any player-placed objects must not block or interfere with access to a location (e.g. dungeon) or resource (e.g. rock)
2.2 Do not enclose in another player's palbase with your own
2.3 Do not build in a way that makes your palbase only accessible by building up to/into it. E.g over the side of a mountain top
2.4 All signs and text must be kept SFW
2.5 Do not build within 50m of a tower/boss or starter area

Player Etiquette

3.1 Do not abuse or harrass other players
3.2 Racist / bigot / homophobic comments and hate speech will not be tolerated
3.3 Do not spread religious or political agendas
3.4 Keep the chatbox SFW
3.5 Do not spam random nonsense in the chatbox

Combat & Guilds

4.1 Groups may be of any size whilst PvE. Once PvP is enabled, maximum group sizes will be limited to TBD
4.2 Guild names must be SFW
4.3 (Once PvP is enabled) Do not engage in combat inside of the spawn zone
4.4 (Once PvP is enabled) Do not loiter outside of the spawn zone and target new players

Item Rules

5.1 Do not drop excessive amounts of items in one area (e.g. 100 items on the floor)

All rules are subject to change.
Staff members say is final.