Actual Question for community

Actual Question for community

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Where do you want/would prefer the servers timeline to be in?


Currently, if we base off of regiments, characters etc, we are in the end of Season 6, Season 7.

Where would you (The Community) base the timeline of the server, and where would you want it?


This will help with Events/RP/Passives/Specops/Storys, alot.

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I think I'd prefer it to be a little earlier in the Seasons as it allows us to have more characters or have establishing moments of some others, also some really cool plotlines in the earlier seasons

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Think its best we go for a season 4-7 timeline, anything earlier i feel we would lose more characters than we would gain.

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From an enjoyment perspective I prefer Seasons 1-3  partially because I prefer phase 1 also they are some of the best episodes until s7 for me; however that being said I feel like for the server it would be best to have it set somewhere around seasons 4-7 because first it has the right armour and also the server is currently set up to be around season 7 and I don't see the point in changing it at the current time just for changes sake 

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2019 - 2020 timeline  :)


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Season 4-7 while we are very much in the Season 6-7 area with all the regiments and all we have on the server, Season 4-7 gives us a good time range for the event and staff team to go off as this increases all the diffreant charchters what could be used along with the reason for us having phase 2 armour as anything further back then season 4 we would lose charchters 

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