forgot to do this lol

forgot to do this lol

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Hello, most of you probably know me as pombo. 

I don't know how to format this, and so I wont.

Recently (a month ago) I started being burnt out of the server, with no real goal in mind anymore. I had done what I wanted to do, and seen what I wanted to see. This alongside some personal issues made me decide that it was time to leave the server. 

Though. I may come back in the future but as it stands currently I shall remain gone.

I don't know what else to say except carmine u smell but in fairness considering i was in 501st and you did my tryout the day i joined. Your sealed in my good books.


uhh aside from that im just gonna put my past ranks (as much as I can remember)

501st PVT - 501st MSG
Jedi Padawan - Jedi Seer (or sage idfk)
GM PVT - 2nd LT
Fleet Ensign - Fleet Sub LT
Fleet specs = CTI, Shadow Reperasentative, Breaching Officer
RC Trainee - RC LCPL
Event Team Novice - Event Team specialist 10 months (was going to be event team leader but admins took over the team and tomery never went anywhere with that idea)

As fun as the server was, people in the server can be dicks. And get some sort of superiroty complex when it comes to gmod star wars rp. 

A games a game, don't take it so serious.

Uhh. Aside from that, the drama on MVG was my favourite part by far.

For those who remember.

Nonce hunters unite

Guts = Nonce


ok thats all from me





the only thing I enjoyed about your events was skipping them, goodbye!

Regimental History
Republic Commandos Characters
Atin (SSG -> MSG)
Darman (MSG -> 2nd LT)
Niner (2nd LT -> CPT)
Scorch (CPT -> XO)
Current: Boss (CO)

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I'm with stupid ^^^

Regimental History
Republic Commandos
RC PVT Smriky -> H.O.P.E SSG Watson
CF99 MSG Wrecker
CF99 2nd LT Crosshair
CF99 1st LT Hunter
Delta-62 Major Scorch (Current)

Shock Troopers
Shock SGM 2332 Smirky -> Shock CSO CPT Hound

Probation Officer Smirky -> Fleet Commander Smirky

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