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Steam name: Ulex

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:79307217

In-Game name(s) including Regiment/Rank(s): 104th Scholar Ulex, GC LCPL 8801 Raven

Age: I am currently 21 years old

Where are you from:I come from a suburban town in Austria (GMT+1)

Do you have a functioning microphone: Yes


A bit about you:

Hey, im Ulex or Alexander in real life. I am currently a NCO in the austrian military, but I am soon leaving to study at a university. My hobbys are mostly kartracing, being a firefighter and gaming of course. I am a huge fan of Star Wars Roleplaying and spent a lot of time with it.

Pros: Friendly, Ambitious, Ready to learn new things

Cons: Due to my Voluntary Firefighter duty it could happen that I have to randomly go (Tho this is a very rare event), theres a medical condition I don't want to go into detail with, but I can explain a bit more in a private call

I started playing Star Wars RP in 2016. I played for quite a long time on a server called KingsRealmRP. After the server swapped from CloneWarsRP to ImperialRP tho, I kinda lost the spirit and quit the server. In november 2022 I figured its time to go back to StarWarsRP and discovered MVG. After playing a bit as CT, I quickly bought Jedi and started playing actively on this server making it to Scholar so far.

Other staffing experience:
I have been Staff on the KingsRealm DarkRP server for about 2 months, but the server shut down. On a different StarWarsRP I was Staff for about 3 months, but thats about it with my experience. Its been about 3 years now though, since my last staffing activity and I am very rusty with commands (Was using ULX back then) and sadly I do not know, how to use the duping system. What I didn't do a lot was setting up events, so I want to learn more about it and create cool events in the future. I am sure with a bit of practice I am able to do so aswell. I also moderated a few smaller discord servers but that is not really something special.

Why would you like to become a staff member:

After joining this Server in November 2022 , I quickly fell in love with it. The whole feeling on this server hit different for me. People were nice, but also a bit funnier and not comepletely serious all the time. Had some bad experiences with servers going down, due to a lack of moderation. I am aware of how much work it is, to keep a server on such a high level of moderation and I think MVG is doing a very good job at it. After observing Staff for a bit I kinda noticed that sometimes, they have a lot of work to do. Keeping up with constant staff claims and also setting up some events in the meantime is definetly no easy task. I know staff is always ambitious on helping out the RP experience on the server and trying to work on claims as quickly as possible. I want to join, to expand the Staff team with another ambitious member, that wants to help out people, whenever needed. I always try to be respectful and friendly to people and improve their roleplaying experience.

Have you read and do you accept the Staff Guidelines:
Yes and I accept

I know this Staff Application is rather short. Gotta be honest, I don't know what else to write, I also don't to write a whole book of made up reasons to take me. I'm open to any kind of questions via Discord DMs or a Voicecall. Discord: Ulex#0013

~ Ulex



104th Scholar

104th CPL



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Ulex is very good in jedi and would be a great staff member +1

I Like to make wierd noises and I am severly wierd and underage.

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On behalf of the MVG Clone Wars Team, we have decided to 

Deny you application

During the staff meeting on 22/03/2023, the staff team reviewed this application and we have decided that you don't have enough presence on the server. 

Many Thanks.


Fleet | Probation Officer - Commander
38th/327th | PVT - 2nd Lieutenant
Jedi | Padawan - High General Anakin Skywalker
GC | PVT - Commander (Current)

22/09/2021 - Advisor
06/10/2021 - Trial Moderator
12/01/2022 - Moderator
25/05/2022 - Admin
16/11/2022 - Head Admin

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