Clone Wars Staff Contract

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As staff on MVG we are meant to be proud of what we do and ultimately what we can achieve through creativity and idea sharing a long with helping fellow community players with their problems. As a consequence to this contract, normal staff punishments are to be given as they do now in any circumstance that is serious and if they're in the wrong.

Allow me to illustrate what we have imposed within our contract for all staff.


[*] Attending all Staff meetings ( if you cannot, then you must explain why )

[*] Hosting quality events regularly

[*] Enforcing the server rules

[*] Following the General staffing rules

[*] To maintain a moderate level of activity

[*] Maintaining good behaviour on ALL MVG servers and not just the one you are a staff member of.

[*] No disrespecting other staff members publicly

[*] All issue's or reports involving staff need to be taken to Server Management ( HA+ )

[*] Take feedback - be it positive or negative and use it to improve yourself

CW Reg History:

Omega SSG Atin

CR Warrior

38th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Jedi High Sentinel (Current)



Commanders Service Ribbon

Senior Service Ribbon

Commander's Ribbon

Medal of Valor

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