Venatic's 501st Legion

Venatic's 501st Legion

The 501st Legion



During the Clone Wars the 501st was an elite military division of clone troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic. Under the leadership of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, the 501st became known for their courage, unconventional tactics, and loyalty to the Galactic Republic throughout the conflict against the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In addition to Skywalker, the 501st served under Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and Clone Commander CT-7567 "Rex". The 501st saw action on multiple battlefronts across the galaxy, becoming part of several historic engagements such as the Battle of Christophsis, the Second Battle of Geonosis, and the Battle of Umbara.


Torrent Company


Torrent Company was an elite military unit of clone troopers who served in the 501st Legion of the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. They were led by Clone Captain CT-7567, also known as "Rex", who served as first-in-command to Jedi General Anakin Skywalker. The company fought in several engagements against the Confederacy of Independent Systems throughout the war, including the Battle of Christophsis and the Battle of Teth.



332nd Divison


The 332nd Company are the sub-division of the 501st Legion within the Grand Army of the Republic. They wore distinctive helmets with markings to resemble Ashoka Tano, they were painted to honour the jedi Commander. The 332nd Company are lead by Jedi Commander Ashoka Tano and CT-0292 "Vaughn



Advanced Recon Commandos


Advanced Recon Commandos, also known as ARC troopers, were an elite variant of the Republic clone troopers. Chosen from the ranks of the Grand Army of the Republic, the status of ARC trooper was bestowed on clones who served with distinction on the battlefield, such as CT-1409 "Echo" and CT-5555 "Fives". The training of clone cadets also served as a means for identifying particular cadets who demonstrated the potential to become future ARC troopers.



501st Regimental Medics


Regimental medics, or more specifically 501st medics, were clone troopers trained to provide first aid to injured commrades, whether on the field or in the lab. Some of the Grand Army of the Republic's clone troopers were clone medics, such as Kix and Coric of the 501st Legion, who served directly under Captain Rex.  Although medics like Kix and Coric were dedicated to preserving the life of their fellow brothers, they have no qualms about fighting the enemy.






DC-15A Rifle

The DC-15A is a standard issue rifle given to all members of the 501st. Versatility is the keyword in the weapons design. Long range? Put on the DC-15LE mod, a 6x scope and a supressor. Medium range? Put on your 6x, Muzzle break and default fire mode and you can blast any clanker with ease. Close range? Take the scope off, put a laser and extended magazine on, activate destabilization mode and rapid fire away.



DC-17 Pistol

The DC-17 hand blaster fired blue plasma projectiles that were hyper-ionized to be especially devastating against droids while retaining its impact against organic beings. As a blaster pistol, it could be utilized as a side-arm, however it is only used in dire scenarios due to it's short range.


Personal Bubble Shield

The bubble shield provides any user with a protective field which surrounds them and and protects them from any incoming projectiles, although wearing this shield makes the user unable to shoot through their shield


Reciprocating Quad Cannon

The reciprocating quad blaster, often shortened to Cip-Quad, was an experimental weapon developed during the Clone wars, The reciprocating quad blaster drew power from a power cell strapped to a soldier's back and was mounted on a specialized harness, The four barrels could be fired either one or two at a time and ensured that the weilder was a force to be reckoned with on the frontline.



Juggernaut Suit


The Juggernaut Suit is available when you Join the specialization Torrent Company within 501st at the rank of SGT. It is a large suit of armour that reduces damage inflicted by hostiles and serves any trooper a barrier for cover and breaching force.




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Weekly Update 6/03/2023 - 12/03/2023

Regimental Promotions
Congratulations to myself on being promoted to Commander
Congratulations to Kallig on being promoted to Captain

CO Feedback

Regiment: 0/+1
Commander: 0


Additional Info

Congratulations to 2nd LT Valient on being Officer of the week
Congratulations to SGM Chop on being Trooper of the Week

Commanders Review
First week of being a commander, well half a week, the regiment has shown a great increase in troopers from going from 18 total to 26 troopers, I have looked at everything as a whole and seen a great future for the regiement and the people who are apart of it

CT-5421 Signing Off

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