!Warn appeal

!Warn appeal

So pretty much my PC is abit strange and it can only do 1 thing at a time and tends to crash alot especially with gmod. Anyway I have 2 LTAPs currently and there both because of crashing it's really annoying. The 1st was a while ago pretty much was in binds and i crashed and got the warn and tbh i didnt say to anyone that i disconnected or anything when the game crahed i just sort off went off so im not too worried about that one but still a little annoyed but the second one has annoyed me quite abit. So last night when I was hiding in temple as a jawa I crashed and I wasn't in binds or anything and they hadn't caught me yet but just to be safe as soon as crashed i texted a member of shock on discord to let them know like hey I crashed and stuff and even tho I hadn't been acc arrested in binds in game and I crashed and let them know straight away I got the warn anyway and it's just really annoyed me tbh cus that's mu 5th warn and I wasn't planning on getting anymore because I didn't want to get that 1st strike. But anyway just wanted to see if I could get those 2 warns apealed

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