Got Perma-banned a few months ago for alt account

Locked Got Perma-banned a few months ago for alt account

In-game Username: CT 4409 LilArnold (i think)

Steam ID:

Ban Reason: (Give relevant information towards your ban) trying to join on an alt account, (didnt know it was a ban)

Who Banned You: UpgradeHoriz0n6

Which Server:   Clone Wars RP

Date of ban: 21st december

Length of ban: Perma-ban

Why do you think you should be unbanned: Since my disgraceful actions i have since went on a 2 month pilgrim to find the lord our saviour and have repented. I can only apologise and hope you take my request into consideration as i was a silly boy would not happen again.

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This hasnt been responded, so ill give you a rundown rq


Perma bans are Perma bans, and require a very long time to even be considered to be unbanned, aswell as being banned, then alt accounting. 


Your ban will probably remain. //keller

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Hello Arnold.


Allow me to paint a very small but logical picture for you. When you receive a permanent ban which is every case is a complete last resort - you are therefore banished from MVG. Often players are allowed technically to appeal within the first 3-4 months, but chances of that being accepted is slim but we deal with these on a case by case basis. However if people such as yourselves are bypassing our ban system by thinking you're clever and therefore connecting via a VPN, then this a lone is a breach of our ban policy and can extend your time even further including the time it takes for you to potentially make a 2nd appeal.


Again this behaviour is not acceptable, therefore the ban will remain and you will NOT be allowed to re-appeal for 3 months from this date. If you are caught on the server during this time, we will be looking to simply remove you completely from this community. Please take the punishment & learn from it.


To simply say that you didn't know you were banned is ludicrous only because you receive a message when you get banned and the attempts you tried to connect to the server during the ban - thus it prompted you to find a work around the punishment, you could've just made an appeal if you thought the ban was wrong or unjustified. Instead you breached it and broke a big community rule.


// Ban remains - 3 months from today to appeal.


Thank you.


// Denied & Closed.

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