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It is I, Rebo. I would like help getting back forum ranks!

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Wow hello Rebo Former Head of Media 

Regiment History of Note

91st MSG(2018)
Shock MSG(2018)
212th SGM(2018)

CT SGT(2020)
91st/74th CPT(2020) 
21st 1st LT(2020)
Rear Admiral (2020-2021)
Ranged Recon Officer (GC) (2020)
Heavy Ordnance Officer(212th) (2020)
Medical Officer (Co-Implementor of Reg Medics 2020)
SSG Atin (2021)
MSG Zag (2021)
SGM Fi (2021)

Fleet Lieuteant(current)

RC Advisor (Current)

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