How to make a Forum Signature / Add IMAGES or GIFS to posts

Locked How to make a Forum Signature / Add IMAGES or GIFS to posts

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Here's a quick how to making a Signature

First of all head onto your profile

Then click on edit profile

This is where you can edit your forum signature

If you want to make a GIF or IMAGE centered you must first select your entire signature and click on the center button

Once you have done that you can insert a GIF or IMAGE by clicking on the image button

You cannot add any random image to the forums.
The best way is using IMGUR, I'll quickly explain how IMGUR works

Start off by finding a image or gif online, and copy the image/gif link or address (depends on the brower you are using)

Head to and press new post (Top left of the screen)

Paste your image, and right click it then click "Copy image" or "Copy image address" (depends on your browser)

If it says "Copy image address" then you may have to click on "Open Image in New Tab" first and then "Copy image address"

That link will look something like this

If it's a gif

You can either either paste this link into your signature/post if that doesn't work you can insert the image by pressing the image button

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