LVS Update Announcement

LVS Update Announcement

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LVS Update Announcement

With the recent release of LVS we will be phasing out LFS vehicles and replacing them with LVS equivalents. This post will explain some of the details of this update and what LVS is.


What is LVS?

LVS is a new vehicle addon made by the creator of LFS, it is essentially a LFS V2 with many improvements. It now has proper support for ground vehicle with better control, customisation and AI. It also has an improved weapons selection and firing system alongside many other improvements. For full details on what LVS is and the changes visit the workshop page.


How will the update work

Already many of the vehicles that we use on the server have been ported/created for LVS, these vehicles will be replacing their LFS equivalents. Any LFS vehicle that does not have an LVS alternative will remain LFS for the time being as we are able to run both LVS and LFS at the same time with no issues. Any vehicles that are not moved over the LVS in this update will be moved over when a LVS version or equivalent becomes available. Any current LVS release that is not added or any tweaks to the vehicles will require a suggestion to be made. Please don't make any LVS suggestions until the update is rolled out.

Both entities and the RDV Requisition system will be updated with the new LVS vehicles.



As normal I will not be giving an exact ETA for the update getting rolled out however the majority of the work has been done and we are now just completing some per-release tasks/testing. Further updates and possibly some sneak previews will be posted in the discord in the coming days.


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lets go

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now upgrade from wiltos

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Does this mean VRDM will be easier?


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