MVG Staff Promotions: 25/01/2023

MVG Staff Promotions: 25/01/2023


Multiverse Gaming Staff Promotions!




The Moderator rank is obtained by staff members who have passed their probationary period and have been deemed capable by the senior staff of their respective server. The Mod rank provides staff with an increased set of permissions such as the ability to ban for 2 weeks. They will be seen dealing with offences in-game however they will be able to deal harsher punishments to players who continuously break server rules.

Congratulations to Ellis on his promotion to Moderator!


Trial Moderator


The Trial Moderator rank is the first role a staff member gains when joining the staff team. This is a probationary role and Trial Moderators are monitored by senior staff members of their respective server. T-Mods will attend low level rule violations and answer queries and questions in-game. They have increased administration permissions and can ban players for a maximum of one day. They can also kick and warn offending players.

Congratulations to Avonana / Rabies on his promotion to Trial Moderator!
Congratulations to Gladius on his promotion to Trial Moderator!
Congratulations to Kojima on his promotion to Trial Moderator!
Congratulations to Chaos on his promotion to Trial Moderator!

Congratulations to all those that have been promoted!

Many thanks

~ MvG Managment Team

CW Reg History:

Omega SSG Atin

CR Warrior

38th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Jedi General Aayla Secura (Current)



Commanders Service Ribbon

Senior Service Ribbon

Commander's Ribbon

Medal of Valor

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Kojimas the best fuck the rest

CW Ranks

GM Commander

104th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Battalion General

Supreme General


CW Staff Ranks

Trial Moderator



Veteran Admin


Regimental History
Republic Commandos Characters
Atin (SSG -> MSG)
Darman (MSG -> 2nd LT)
Niner (2nd LT -> CPT)
Scorch (CPT -> XO)
Current: Boss (CO)

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i am sorry Picasso

Current Rank:

Cuy'val Dar Executive Officer


Previous Ranks:

Cuy'val Dar Marauder Lead

SDW Captain/MO

104th 1st LT


GM/DU Major/MO

Navy Ensign

501st Major


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