New Firepuncher addon

New Firepuncher addon

Suggestion: Replace current 773-Firepuncher with new 773 Firepuncher addon and add it to Crosshair with the same stats and modules as the current rifle. Delete the current addon.

Reason for Suggestion: The current model for the Firepuncher is honestly pretty bad and low quality. This newer mod is not only smaller (3.769mb vs 2.178mb) but looks better and is more accurate to the version that appears in the Bad Batch show. It's a small QoL change which benefits both RC and the server. 

Add-ons needed: (2.178mb)

Regimental History
Republic Commandos Characters
Atin (SSG -> MSG)
Darman (MSG -> 2nd LT)
Niner (2nd LT -> CPT)
Scorch (CPT -> XO)
Current: Boss (CO)

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