Synergy's Fleet Application

Synergy's Fleet Application

IC Section

Name: Synergy/Lorellian

Rank (1st LT+ or Council Member): Council Member (High Consular

Regiment: Consulars - Jedi

History: (Please create a back story for your current character): Lorellian was born on the icy planet of Hoth to a trader family that frequented those parts for rare plants beneath the ice. He did not find out he was Force Sensitive himself but a Jedi Knight named Gindrovai did on a passing mission where the ship came under attack. After finding out his parents sent him off for a chance at a less simple life and Lorellian was brought under the guidance of Grand Master Yoda, becoming a padawan to him.
Lorellian went on a series of missions eventually finding himself fascinated by the more passive part of the Jedi Order, becoming a Jedi Consular and finding a newfound interest in the Archives, writing as if everything depended on it. After rising through the ranks, he eventually became a Council Member and used this position to improve the Archives even further, teaching others, maintaining a standard of knowledge at the Temple, and preserving life any time he could.
He has however seen darkness within the Jedi Order, witnessing Jedi attempt to kill out of anger or hatred. He tries as hard as he can to alleviate this and promote meditation to all of the padawans, eventually leading him to an intriguing Twi'lek that he assisted with finding peace of mind by finding their home before the Order. He found that assisting the Jedi with the things that caused such darkness was better than just promoting meditation, and has gone on missions with padawans any chance he can to clear their mind and expand their knowledge personally.

Commanding situations: As a Council Member, I have held trainings for nearly all specs of Jedi and have both lead and been a part of many specops and crossreg trainings with troopers and medics, giving me a better understanding of them despite being usually on the temple.

Previous Rank's on the Titan: N/A

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy: I feel as if even with as many members as it currently has, having more won't hurt as many can be busy. I also want to have a better understanding of commanding on the Titan.

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: I am immensely active and have event lead a lot, and I feel I am ready to assist with OD'ing and taking on Fleet duties. I am extremely diplomatic and always try to ensure everyone is able to be busy with something they want to do. I am extremely certain that my activity and performance and standard of RP will be good for Fleet.

OOC Section

Steam name: SynergyJohn

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:213581846

Gametime (approximate): 3w 4d

Describe the job of the Republic Navy in your eyes: The Republic Navy takes charge for commanding the crew of the Titan and maintaining and improving RP on the ship. This can be from daily activities such as taking OD and doing debriefs to passives and events where negotiation is needed or some form of high command is speaking.

Anything else you want to add: Not much, I can see my application length is quite short but I feel as if I've said everything and I will try to be persistent.

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IC Rank History


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OOC Rank History

Event Novice (25/10/22 -12/11/22)

Event Adept (12/11/22 - 01/12/22)

Event Specialist (01/12/22 - 12/01/23)

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