Right here goes something for the server

Right here goes something for the server

Suggestion: Add a new donation package and call it "The Locals" or whatever you see fit.

Reason for Suggestion:

Ok, so big suggestion. Downtime is often boring on the server and training keeps them from being so but being OD or just waiting around for the next event can be boring. Well, now we have the RP players. These are locals who have a very specific set of rules. They are allowed to get aggressive to some extent (Aggressive when provoked e.g. You are on their land). They are allowed ships with air traffic control from the clones. They are allowed to enter the base at the request of OD. Not allowed to be played during events. Not allowed to cause chaos. Rather than being arrested unless for harsh crimes they are kicked out of the base. 

I think this will make the world seem a bit more alive as people will be able to play others rather than just clones in their downtime and make some RP rather than standing around chatting. 

You could set up self-RP situations where the clones can help out the locals. Or the locals can block the way of a patrol. Harmless things where negotiation can be used. The role would not be a jawa style role but more of a living planet sort of role. 

During their time on the ship maps, they will be allowed a ship to fly around in space but still have to have clearance from OD to talk to air traffic control. Allowed on the jedi planet in a certain area as their spawn and base. 

I want to bring life to people on downtime and to patrols. I think regs would do more patrols if there was something outside to patrol.

Suggestion part 2: If you really wanted to go all in on it. You can give them the opportunity to build. So they can make their own bases. (I know this would be a stretch with the current setup). This building would only be very limited and monitored. 


Thanks for Reading Herp out

Add-ons needed: Models of your choosing if not on server. 

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its an alright idea, but it can easily be done by either staff or event team as a passive. its also doesnt make sense to allow civis onto a military base. the further issue with that is that we have 5 outposts, 3 of them are Military installments (Aurek, Cairo and Zeta) and the others are Waterfall Caves and Refugee Camp. They aren't very good places to live, and since we don't have farms anymore, I feel like the immediate area surrounding Anaxes Base would be heavily militarized and would be a no go area for civilians.

Also gotta consider the civilians and why they would WANT to live there. Anaxes base gets attacked twice daily, that alone is enough of a reason for civilians to want to live nowhere near the base. They would also have extremely limited freedom of movement, and their lives would be generally dedicated to providing for the Anaxes Base. Civis that live there would more than likely be put there by the Republic, so they're more than likely going to hold heavy ties to the Republic, therefore there wouldnt be much reason for them to agitate the largest military force on the planet

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I mean if you look at most wars currently they are surrounded by Civilians because it's where they live to make their money and where their whole livelihood is. Without going into detail about the Ukrainian situation. Also, annexes would be protecting the civilian population not anywhere near it. Why would you put a military base nowhere near civilisation? How you can defend the people without having defences there? If you control the people of the planet you control the planet. Yes you can have military bases away from populations but also to defend populations you have to be close, they wouldn't be as close as the map border but would be close but we have to have limitations due to map size and lag, why would you have them 1 base and multiple outposts in such close proximity, it just wouldn't make sense unless you were protecting the population and needed multiple outposts to do so?

Most civilians do not like Militaries coming in and doing what they want to the land. They are in short of being occupied by the republic and bringing war to the planet by having a military presence there. Even if they are on their own side. Following strict rules is demoralizing inviting rebellious behaviour

In short yes military bases are set up all the time on the outskirts of civilizations for protection. In war for 3 reasons, protection, strategic advantage and resources.  You could set up a mining town next to annexes that do provide vital resources so needs protection but the republic would as such take it over still needs civilian presence and would use the civilians who were mining the resources before and not just take full control over it because it is still a democracy and also more efficient run by civilians than military. Or farms (I know we don't have farms anymore but thats where the RP comes into it. You could set up a weapons manufactory plant and RP that provides valuable weapons to the republic. So much RP protentional during downtime. Where people can actually create their own passive event without ever involving staff or with little staff impact (especially if you give them permission to build things.) 


Give them permission to build things and they could make their own weapons shop to sell their weapons to the republic. Being a civilian contractor as such. Then a staff member lets this go on for a while then a few assassin droids come in and ruin the party. A small skirmish of troops. Something quick, not full-scale that 5-10 troops can deal with. Then bam a passive/skirmish event with no effort from staff and something fun for the players to keep playing the server while nothing is going on or another civilian comes along and robs the shop and OD send over a few troops with himself to negotiate. If there is an event coming then a quick server clean and bam no lag no effort wasted other than the passive RP but people come for the big events anyways. 


Edit: Happy to talk things over in discord. I want people to spend more money on the server to keep it going and have a class that could build stuff I think a lot of people would like to build small little shops or a little town with a group of people so they can passive RP while downtime would really boost activity of the server in general.

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I would also like to compare the war in ukraine to star wars!


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