Current thoughts on the star wars franchise

Current thoughts on the star wars franchise

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Star wars is a long running franchise now and quite the popular one, ever since it started in 1977.
But what are your thoughts on the franchise these days?

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still going strong, got some nice stuff lined up: bad batch (on going), mandolorian and ahsoka.

is andor any good? im deciding whether to watch it or not, I watched 1st episode but didn't enjoy it

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You will not be getting community engagement!

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Andor is a bit slow. it getts interesting at the end but it dosnt really have much to give too the story. just a bit of rebel activity tbh.

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Andor is more of a drama set in the star wars universe than it is a "star wars" show. its interesting if you care about the current timeline that Disney care about so much (post EP3, pre EP4).

My opinion on star wars rn is that its just very boring. Tales of the Jedi was good, but i feel like thats because it was a break from the current hyperfixation on post EP3, pre EP4. almost everything they have done recently is in that timeframe and there's so much of star wars they can explore.

What I personally want to see:
- Early Republic/pre EP1
- Post EP6
- Expand FO and make it not shit
- A more battle/war focused Clone Wars series

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I only really like the clonewars/early empire


With star wars being pretty much done with the clonewars, and badbatch being the only running media atm thats early imperial, star wars as a franchise is stale for me, however if we get more stories around the Old Republic, I'll be sucked back into it easily. SWTOR is incredible and their isnt enough media for it thats mainstream (Movies/Shows)

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