My Last Unban Request

My Last Unban Request

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In-game Username: Cqlued (I think) 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:187189719

Ban Reason: Alt Accounting while banned

Who Banned You: UpgradeHoriz0n6

Which Server: Clone wars 

Date of ban: No Clue 

Length of ban: Perm 

Why do you think you should be unbanned: I Have Spoken to many people in the server and they have all missed me and certian people i was talking to part of the staff team said if i promise to not break any rules or minge at all then there is a chance i could get unbanned so its a new year new me I am going to try my best to get unbanned and to be able to play in CWRP again and this time i promise i will make it far up the ranks and i promise i wont break a single rule

I would like to make a Return to jedi and this time i want to fully commit myself to it as i am quite a bit older than the last time i was playing on this server :)

I would also like to say sorry to everybody that i had annoyed and i am so so sorry deadshot for ruining your server please would you forgive me for 2023

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