Medal of Valor January 2023

Medal of Valor January 2023

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It is once again time for the most prestigious award to be handed out. The Medal of Valor.

Therefore we would like to invite you all to vote on the two people that you believe are deserving of this high honor.


-You're not allowed to vote on yourself, or two people from the same regiment, you may only pick one.
-You have a total of 2 votes which can both be a clone and Jedi.
-You may not advertise or ask for people to vote for you, each vote should be every person's genuine opinion. Reports of people asking for votes will be investigated and if proved will lead to disqualification.
-SGT+ to vote.


DEADLINE for the votes are Friday 20/01/2023 @ 20:00 UK Time

The award ceremony will be held Saturday 21/01/2023

Good luck to all!


Cast your votes here.

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