January Development Update

January Development Update

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January Development Update

Happy New Year from the Development Team, 2022 was a good year for Development on MVG with the creation of a stable dev team and increased communication hopefully bringing the community more inline with that is going on with development. In 2023 I will be continuing to improve and expand the development team as needed to further improve the servers we have any potential explanations we may make.

Clone Wars

Over the Christmas LOA I focused on removing a large amount of unneeded old BF2 content from the WorkshopDL, mostly from only MVG Content Addons. While I cannot say exactly how much content was removed I am estimating at least 1.5BG were removed. To ensure optimised load-in times, 3 new MVG content addons have been created, with Weapons, Models and Additional Content which we were allowed to repack. 
To go alongside the updated WorkshopDL and new MVG Content Addons, new MVG Content Collections were created (some at earlier stages of the rework). These can be found in the Help and Support channel on the discord.

Now the Christmas LOA has ended we have restarted working though the suggestions/bugs from before and during the Christmas LOA, we have made good progress working though these and hopfuly will have got though most of the back log in the next couple of weeks.

We also have had a couple of new systems suggested (by Jeb), these are a new NPC system which could improve server performance and give us better NPCs, as well as a Squad system to work alongside out current Comms system. These are currently being discussed and reviewed by Seniors and the Dev Team and hopefully we will have some new systems to plays with in the coming months. Please note that these suggestions may still get denied if they are deemed unneeded or fail during our testing of them or alternatives may be used.

Over the last couple of months myself and the Dev Team have been focusing on CW and many of the planned development of the Forums and fixing some minor issues has not occurred. In order to ensure the forums gets the development we have been promising we have accepted Monty back as a Web Developer.

His focus will be on getting the bugs fixed and working though some of the planned changed to improve the forums and adapt it as we require. As Monty only started yesterday I have no updated on progress/plans but expect more details in next months update.

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