Meet the MvG Management Team

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Meet the MvG Management Team


The Owner is responsible for ensuring the progression and all-round development of Multiverse Gaming. Although they manage the servers globally the owner may occasionally be seen publicly on the servers, however, is more likely to be found on discord in the Central Hub or the forums assisting the Senior team in their duties and advising for future development for the servers as a whole. Though the owner has full domain over the community there is no use in messaging them over minor issues, such as player reports or unban requests, these are mainly dealt with by Head Admin+

DeadShot: I am the Lord Commander of Wales and my only goal is to bring the best possible experience into Multiverse Gaming and to bring about stability for the player base. I currently watch over the senior team as they continue to run the servers and keep up with sufficient development alongside our dev team - I am a charismatic individual living in the U.K - always up for a laugh and conversations with people


Server Managers

The Manager role is the highest server position that you can achieve, they will be responsible for the vass majority of things including the direction of the server, assisting the senior admin on development and has overriding decision powers within the staff team. The Manager will be responsible for also dealing and maintaining all of the magna carta votes to ensure they get dealt with fairly and in confidence. They also have the authority to involve themselves in IC situations I.E highest ranks of each branch are being corrupt,biased or showing favouritism. Getting involved IC is always the last resort for the Manager. This rank is achieved by a good track record of a server senior, length of service and dedication to the server they're on. Also it requires them to have a good working relationship with the Community Manager and to help him make positive changes.

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Senior Administrators
The Senior Admin rank is the most senior position of the basic staff hierarchy. They are responsible for staff recruitment, staff discipline and the day-to-day running of their server. If you have any issues with staff member in-game, the Senior Admin should be your first port of call for discussing the issue. 

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Head Administrators

The Head Admin will handle the server when the Senior is unable to. Head Admins work far more in-game than a Senior Admin will and are responsible for ensuring new staff members and advisors are adjusting to their roles accordingly. Head Admins are chosen from experienced Admins who have maintained the role for a substantial amount of time. 

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CW Reg History:

Omega SSG Atin

CR Warrior

38th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Jedi General Aayla Secura (Current)



Commanders Service Ribbon

Senior Service Ribbon

Commander's Ribbon

Medal of Valor

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