Flips Staff Application

Flips Staff Application

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Steam name: Flip 

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:118183657

In-Game name(s) including Regiment/Rank(s): 327th Major KL Flip & Fleet Ensign Flip

Age (you have to be at least 16): I am 18 :)

Where are you from (Please include the timezone compared to GMT): I am from Germany (GMT+1)

Do you have a functioning microphone (You are not required to have one but it is preferable so that we can communicate better with you): Yeah, I have a functioning mic.

A bit about you: Well, first of all hi, my name is Tom, and I am a German police officer. I am 18 years old and will turn 19 this summer. As hobbies I play Piano(not that good tho) and draw, also keep myself healthy by going to the gym. As I already mentioned, I am about to be a full police officer by 2024. Right now I go to some sort of police academy, its a bit hard to explain, because things are a lot different in Germany when working for the government. However if you have questions about it, feel free to ask me anything! I also love traveling the world, and see new places, to get a better understanding of other cultures. Cultures are like the one thing I always want to witness when in another country, seeing all the differences can really help you get another view of this world!

Other staffing experience: I was a Moderator on some Arma 3 RP servers and and helped some close friends with managing their small Gmod server. I am familiar with most commands and procedures due to being in event team and from the other Gmod servers, however that doesnt make me an expert haha, but (not to be arrogant) I think that I have quite a bit of experience. 

Why would you like to become a staff member: Since I am in the event team I always had the urge so help people outside of events, when seeing the many staff calls beeing made. It was / is kinda frustrating me, that I cant help the staff members, but I would really love to give something back to the server, by watching over it and keep it safe from people, who want to destroy the RP/Fun experience, players have on this server. I always have the kind of need to contribute to the server too, because for me its not just a Star wars roleplay server, for me it became like a family, that works together to have fun in this community. Everyone knows something about the others in his or even other regiments. For example Magerquark always has the longest PTS and always accomandates every regiment, or Silver(Ji) who is having this deep, yet cool voice. For almost everyone on the server there is something, many people know about them, and this is what this community is about, and this is also why I want to contribute to it, making it even bigger an better. :)


Have you read and do you accept the Staff Guidelines: Yes I did and I accept them!

327th Major Flip

Fleet Officer Flip

K - Company Leader


Event Team member


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+1 Funny guy, does good events in my opinion, great person to represent new staff

Ex Commodore

Ex High Consular

Ex Shock SGM

Current: GM 2nd LT




On behalf of the MVG staff team, we have placed you on stay, The staff team have reviewed your application and wish to review you again next week.

CW Reg History:

Omega SSG Atin

CR Warrior

38th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Jedi General Aayla Secura (Current)



Commanders Service Ribbon

Senior Service Ribbon

Commander's Ribbon

Medal of Valor

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On Behalf of the MVG Clone Wars Team we have decided to put you


During the staff meeting on 18/01/2023, the staff team reviewed this application and we have decided that, your application will be reviewed again next week.

During this time, I recommend you improve your activity and gain more presence while on the server


Fleet | Probation Officer - Commander - LMAO
38th/327th | PVT - 2nd Lieutenant - MO 
Jedi | Padawan - High General Anakin Skywalker
GC | PVT - Major - MMCO (Current)

22/09/2021 - Advisor
06/10/2021 - Trial Moderator
12/01/2022 - Moderator
25/05/2022 - Admin
16/11/2022 - Head Admin

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