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Hello Everyone.


First of all what a ride it's been throughout this year, like many years now MVG's always had it's ups and downs, beef, personal grudges and it's fair share of problems. Nevertheless I'm proud as you should all be that we still stand strong and tall and still make our way through the SW Era as still one of the remaining top global servers out there. We've definitely had our highs and lows this year but myself & Management still remain commited into doing what I had always planned to do which is continue to expand this community whenever and wherever we possibly can, and this is what'll happen in the new year once we're all back. I hope that despite the issue's we've had and some rectified that you join me on MVG's new voyage in 2023 marking our stance on different games  to provide further entertainment to our players and dedicated teams.

I'd like to pay a huge respect and a share of gratitude to the Clonewars staff team & Event Team, who likewise through highs and lows they have remain consistent on our server marking hundreds of events throughout the year as well as answering all your claims when needed. It's safe to say that our staff team much like other teams continue to be the engine drivers of our server, so a thank you from me & the rest of Management.

I'd also like to share gratitude to our amazing Development Team, though it's been somewhat difficult refurbishing this team for the 10,000th time over 3 years, it's safe to say now that we finally have a dedicated team of people who've remained consistently helpful externally helping our server become more stable than where we year last year, though there's more work to be done obviously, these guys have ensured we do our development work in a timely fashion, be it our weekly suggestions, our bugs, and the all important rework which has been a long time coming.

To our newly appointed Engagement Team members, people who genuinely seek to provide not only better communication but provide essential feedback to management on players desires for change, both IC and OOC, it's thanks to this team we've been able to adjust certain aspects of our rework to what they have informed us, including throughout different holidays seasons and additional content we've added to the server over these last few months.

To my Management Team: No one really appreciates or really see's the effort that some of you put into the server, be it internally or externally. The decisions we've made overtime a long with additional support have helped shaped this server to be different compared to 1-2 years ago. I couldn't ask for a more loyal team.

Finally to our esteemed players, my thanks goes to you all for still showing commitment to MVG, and although noone's perfect, and we're not perfect I appreciate your loyalty and the time you put into the server, you guys are also a key part in our servers long term success and survival - whether you're genuinely active, a superior rank IC, whatever your title is - you guys play a huge part in making us stand tall.


As the LOA is now in effect from today which is optional: As some of you are aware no one is targeted on anything performance wise both IC and OOC. Those of you who still wish to play perhaps on a ROA basis, in our final staff meeting commencing later today measures will be taken to ensure that if people are still on over the season that basic events and claims will still be done but to a lesser extent. Please understand that over this season 2 thirds of our staff will take the holiday as a break and one which is well earned & deserved. Events will still take place but they will be basic, and tickets & support will still be available both on and off the server through our dedicated support ticket system in our discord. I myself will be available up till the following friday, if anyone wishes to speak to me about anything at all, please reach out.

If I don't speak to you between now and the beginning of January - I sincerely hope you all have a fantastic christmas with friends & family, and I wish you all good fortune for the new year, and I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you back in January 2023 for a new adventure.

P.S The LOA is from 14th Dec - 4th January. From the 4th Jan, normal duties will continue and targeted performances will kick start back off. Remember the LOA is optional; whether you play or don't play, or just take an ROA - the decision is yours. Either way I hope you all enjoy it and a merry christmas to you all.


Many Thanks.


Owner D.S




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Can't wait for the amazing things to come in 2023 for MVG.


Wait he mentioned Engagement Team, hey thats me!

Playin since 29/09/2015... Damn


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Been actively playing for only a little longer than half a year now but it's been a hell of a time. Let's hope the future is just as great.

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history of MVG is maddd

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Hopefully after the Xmas period we can have events without the trick rate dropping to -3!!!

act cheer

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Merry Christmas lads, and a happy new year!


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Recently started playing Gmod again and came straight to MVG when i only had like 1 hour playtime i now have 605 hours of playtime and id say about 590hours of that is activly playing MVG it has got me through some tough times IRL when i can just come onto Gmod and have a laugh with an amazing community.

Thanks all and Merry Christmas 

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17.000 hours of Garry's Mod playtime and 7 years of MVG later.



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