"Headcase's Navy application"

"Headcase's Navy application"

IC Section

Name: Cat/Hardcase

Rank (1st LT+ or Council Member): 1st LT STC

Regiment: 501st/Torrent Company

History: Hardcase was a CT from the 3961 batch of Clones created at Kamino. they spent most of their time on the front lines leading fellow troops into battle. whilst combating the CIS he and his squad was ambushed by a squad of droids. using the Combat tactics they had gathered from years in the field they lead their troops to victory and managed to get most of there troops out except form 2 troops who were shot at the start of the ambush. the Fleet took quite an interest in the Hardcase's quick and calm Leading style and was soon given a Probation period in the fleet.

Commanding situations: as I'm an STC it's my job to make sure TC in the Torrent company follows order's during events traning's an more as well as following order's from my fellow officers as well as doing Quals training and tryouts for Torrent company as I'm a spec lead it's my job to make sure I have an ATC who can do Quals a training's a tryout's. as well as make sure there is always heavy trooper's in event's 

Previous Rank on the Titan: N/A 

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy:  I wish to keep the Fleet going on the great part it is Resecnlity as well as ensure that troopers stay in line. as well as keep RP to a high standard.

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: I can offer a person who always is at the base/ship and does their duty to the end no matter what happens during an attack or our Regular duties. as well as Making sure both the Ship and base are Running at Peakefficentsy.

OOC section:

Steam name: ꧁ღMiss WinterWolfღ꧂

SteamID: STEAM_0:0:452902940 

Gametime (approximate): 280 hours

Describe the job of the Republic Navy: Fleets are there to ensure that RP is followed and lead troopers into battle. they give orders about what targets to strike and can help troops and regiments if they have any questions.

Anything else you want to add: I've been in the 501st from the start of my game time on the server too now I wish to join a more important role on the server where I can do more stuff with suits me better than being a cannon fader. as well as having more Roleplay a do more stuff off the battlefield.


Very good trooper, great in leadership situations etc. I believe the application could be a little longer in my opinion, other than that great applicant!

MVG Regiment History

  • ARC PFC Threes
  • Shock - 1st Lt CSO HG Threes/Massiff Rees
  • CE - Ast Technician Threes
  • Fleet - Sub-Lieutenant HG Threes
  • 212th - PFC HG Threes
  • Jedi - Blademaster HG Frees (Current)
  • Temple Guard (Jedi) - Deputy Chief of Security Kindra


I am going to be as objective as possible for this. I have interacted with you on several occasions in Jedi and I do not feel your behaviour is befitting of a Fleet member. It has been negative most of the time and every time I've tried to inform you on the best thing to do for the questions/complaints you had. I haven't seen you on 1st LT but if you are then that changes it in my eyes a little and I will trust the word of others on that. The application doesn't have the best spelling but it's not very noticeable so I'm not really factoring that in, mostly just neutral/negative due to behaviour, which I'm sure can be overcome!

Silly little RP Guy


-= Credentials: | Codename: Baker | ID: 7878 | Rank: Captain | Vessel: Titan =- 


During the Fleet Meeting this week the members of the Republic Navy have decided to put you on hold to further evaluate you during the next week.

Keep working hard and showing your best!


Bazinga this Thunder Hammer bitch

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