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IC Section

Name: RexzeroRex

Rank (1st LT+ or Council Member): CPT

Regiment: 327th

History: (Please create a back story for your current character): 

As a regular CT like most others, I was created on our home planet Kamino. The harsh conditions there learned me one thing pretty quick. That surviving will not be easy. If I had the chance, I was sitting around looking at the Aiwhas, which were able to fly around if they wanted to. The freedom I had yet to experience since I was stuck on this rainy, cold planet. During my trainings on Kamino I had often the situations where after I saw a brother getting hurt that I tried to help him immediately. At the beginning it led to fail us the different tests we had to face. I always got shot trying to get to the other clones. After a while I learned to dodge them. Since my fascination with the Aiwhas carried on, I tried my own projects with little flying machines, to see if they could do the same as those creatures. At one point I was able to show my skills to the 327th, which are the engineer corps. The to this time current 2nd LT MO Firecracker heard about my little engineer achievments, so he invited me to them. I was able to complete the tryout successfully and joined with that the regiment. At first, I was unsure how to handle my brothers there, but I learned quick that they are different from the shinys back on Kamino. They went through a suffering unimaginable to someone who never experienced it, and with that suffering they all bound together. With the battles, my thinking about the world changed too. I always wanted to see the universe and their different lifeforms, but as the time went on, the battles got worse, the more of my brothers died. As before, I tried to do my best to save them, but no blaster or a tool to repair a drone could save them. As soon as I reached SGT I joined the medics, which the current MO was the same person who recruited me. He showed me everything what a medic needs to do, to fulfil their destiny. As the time went on and my MO was KIA, I was the new MO of the regiment. Now my mission was not to see the world, but to save the brothers and jedis in need. Those who cannot defend themselves anymore. Trying to save as many of them as I can until those unlive clankers are all destroyed. When this happens, I will be able to scout the universe. Together with my brothers without someone dying. That's why my goal is to lead my brothers in a way where the less casualties we have to take, the better it is for all of us.

Commanding situations:  

As a CPT from the 327th, I organised and led different simulations/trainings, made a cross reg possible, which I also led with the 104th. Since as a MO I also did the same with the medics, either leading medical checkups, explaining new medics the rules or just to help them if they have any 
problems. In general the things you would expect from a CPT from a regiment and from a MO.

Previous Rank's on the Titan: N/A

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy: 

As seen in my History, my goal is having as less casualties as possible. I witnessed many times were already solved problems got to a problem again, because someone told to engage, without any reason. My desire to help my brothers and also the desire to lead
the Republic to a better future are my main reasons for the Republic Navy, as I will be able to command them around during a battle.

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: 

The leading experience I already have as a CPT and MO. Also my dedication and loyality for the Republic Navy, so that we are able to save as many brothers as possible.

OOC Section

Steam name: RexzeroRex

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:157096863

Gametime (approximate): 1w 6d 5h 53m.

Describe the job of the Republic Navy in your eyes: 

The Republic Navy organizes during events all regiments, so they don't completely act alone, so without them chaos would be ongoing on the battlefield. They ensure during events, that the rp aspect keeps staying alive, since without them some decisions would be made, which makes from a rp stand of view no sense. They also assist the Event Staff, with helping them by either telling people what to do next or what they should not do, so that the event works like planned, since the event team have their vision of the event in mind. Out of events, they also keep the venator running, with the same rp aspect. By accepting or denying things. They also give an extra goal for the regiments, since they need to ensure that the Fleet stays alive. They organize ceremonies for Commanders for example too, so they stay in touch with all regiments, the same with jedi, rc and shadow. Furthermore, they also stay in touch with Admins and Mods, in case there are any new rules which need to be complied with.

Anything else you want to add: I hope it was not too long.


Very professional and capable player. As far as I have seen, he does great work in 327th and should get this position 

MVG Regiment History

  • ARC PFC Threes
  • Shock - 1st Lt CSO HG Threes/Massiff Rees
  • CE - Ast Technician Threes
  • Fleet - Sub-Lieutenant HG Threes
  • 212th - PFC HG Threes
  • Jedi - Blademaster HG Frees (Current)
  • Temple Guard (Jedi) - Deputy Chief of Security Kindra


Fantastic medic, fantastic leader of the 327th, assists me with the RP I do, and is qualified for the position due to his dedication to the officer role and the RP that comes with fleet.

Silly little RP Guy

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-= Credentials: | Codename: Silver | ID: 9014 | Rank: Lieutenant Commander | Vessel: Titan =- 

Congratulations! Your application has been Accepted. You will be mentored by myself.

We look forward to having you amidst our ranks!

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