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IC Section

Name: Yopa

Rank (1st LT+ or Council Member): 1st LT 


History: (Please create a back story for your current character):

I spent most of my time on corusant learning how clone protection works. I had a lot a friends and learn alot from chatting with others in the cantina. It was a very laid back and normal life for a shock clone untill something changed that once and for all. We were met with a challenge from high command on what to do in dire situations. This includes the protection of fleet and simple aid on the battle field. It was my first ever proper challenge. With all the skills i learnt i thought it would be a breeze but i was not right at all. I heard screaming, explosions and my fellow soilders dying to those damn clankers. I stood there shocked (ironic). After the OD screamed at me i snapped back into reality and proceeded to protect the fleet. "pew pew" i heard as i look beside me that our leader had collapsed on the ground. "stay with me!" i screamed, but it was too late. All of this made me realise that being overwelmed was a distraction. Then on i walked outside with my patriotic thoughts of taking down them clankers and securing the fleet members life. I began to mow down all them droids with my team, leading us to absolute victory in this battle, although i collapsed and woke up the the fleet member standing me back up on to my own two feet, "you did well 7114. you are a truly admirable clone and will grow up to be something far greater than you might think." 

Commanding situations:

Leading my troopers into the battlefield and showing extreme knowledge in knowing whats best for the protection of fleet. Being the leader of the SO spec, i order my other SO's and troopers to make the right decisions for a fleet members. One example of a situation with great command, is when a CIS magna came through the door to attack a fleet member. I ordered my troops to knock away the magna with the electro staff stalling and leaving enough time for me and the OD to make a quick escape. The magna caught us but with warning of my troopers i knew where the magna was coming from!  I called for backup defending the fleet member with my life leaving enough time for other regiments to assist. The other regiments arrived and will my exellent communication skills we managed to retake MB with the fleet member and all my troopers without even a scratch!

Previous Rank's on the Titan: CT DSGT, 501st 2nd LT, 212th SGM, 104th MSG 

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy: To put my leadership skills into use and lead well. Bringing whats best for the republic and our troopers!

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: I can bring dedication, activity, my confident leadership skills and the best for the navy at minimum

OOC Section

Steam name:


Gametime (approximate):
1mo 1w 2d 7h 37m

Describe the job of the Republic Navy in your eyes: 
To lead big amounts of people and make the right and important decisons

Anything else you want to add: 
Thank you for taking time to read my application. I truly appreciate it!




Ex Ranks/Current Ranks

 Probation Officer Yopa (Current)
GC SGM 7114 Yopa (Current)

Ex. 501st/332nd 2nd LT

Ex. 212th SGM
Ex. 104th MSG
Ex. Shock 1st LT CSO CPM 7114 Yopa 
 Ex. CT DSGT 7114 Yopa
SDW SSG-170 Yopa (Current)



Odd that nobody has replied to this yet, but I have seen Yopa's leadership skills in Shock and I believe he is a perfect fit for the role due to his proximity to Fleet in events, he has learned through proxy and the application is detailed, so I have literally no complaints.

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-= Credentials: | Codename: JamesB | ID: 1159 | Rank: Rear Admiral| Vessel: Titan =-


Greetings Yopa, in this weeks fleet meeting we voted and have decided to ACCEPT your application to join Fleet. I shall also be your mentor. I will be in contact soon.

Previous IC Ranks:
CT Corporal (2017)
501st SGT (2017)
Galactic Marines Captain (2018)
Combat Engineer Captain (2018)
501st First Lieutenant (2019)
Wolfpack ARC 2nd LT (2020)
Jedi Battlemaster (2022)
104th Alpha ARC SGM (2022)

Fleet Officer x3 (2018-2020)
Rear Admiral -> Vice Admiral (Current)

Previous OOC Ranks:

MVG's first Event Specialist
Trial Mod

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