MvG Staff Promotions: 16/11/2022

MvG Staff Promotions: 16/11/2022

Multiverse Gaming Staff Promotions!



Head Administators

The Head Admin will handle the server when the Senior is unable to. Head Admins work far more in-game than a Senior Admin will and are responsible for ensuring new staff members and advisors are adjusting to their roles accordingly. Head Admins are chosen from experienced Admins who have maintained the role for a substantial amount of time. 

Congratulations to Painite on his promotion to Head Administator.
Congratulations to First on his promotion to Head Administator.



The Administrator rank is given to staff members who have shown continued good conduct and have proved that they have the capability to be assigned privileged permissions in-game. Administrators are able to give advice and guidance to Trial Moderators and Moderators of their respective servers. They have the ability to ban offending players permanently and have building permissions. Admins will primarily work in-game but will also often handle player reports and unbans.

Congratulations to Water on his promotion to Administrator!

Congratulations to Jeb on his promotion to Administrator!

Many thanks

~ MvG Managment Team

CW Reg History:

Omega SSG Atin

CR Warrior

38th Marshal Commander

Assistant Battalion General

Jedi High Sentinel (Current)



Commanders Service Ribbon

Senior Service Ribbon

Commander's Ribbon

Medal of Valor

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