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The veteran policy has been updated. This policy acts to be more fair on Senior members of staff and those who have worked hard for the position they have maintained.

This policy will work more based on rank than time-as staff. There are always exceptions to these rules, as decided by Senior Management

How to gain Veteran:

  1. You must resign from your role as staff not be demoted.
  2. You must hold the rank of Mod+ for at least 3 months of active service. This does not include time as Trial-Mod.

Per-Rank Veteran Policy:

The following applies if you have previously been staff and resigned, receiving veteran. The above requirements still apply.

  • Moderator - Will only receive veteran if they resign from Moderator with 3 months of active service.
  • Admin - Will only receive Veteran after resignation from Mod+.
  • Head Admin - Will always receive veteran, no matter the rank resigned from. (Head Admin+ are also exempt from above rule 2)
  • Senior Admin - Veteran will be awarded globally, across all servers.
  • Server Manager+ - Veteran will be awarded globally, across all servers.


  • Veteran will only be awarded on the server(s) you have staffed on.
  • Senior Admin+ will receive Veteran rank globally.
  • You may not "transfer" your Veteran rank under any circumstances. If you have not staffed on a particular server, then you don't qualify
  • Your veteran may be removed without question by Senior / Server Management
  • Abuse of your rank or being banned for any reason or receiving 2 or more forum warns or server warns may result in the loss of your veteran rank.
  • If you are a Veteran and you re-join the staff team, you will be allowed to keep your vet no matter when you resign.

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