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Suggestion: Add Joe Forts and replace the Alydus fort tablet

Reason for Suggestion: These forts are a lot more intresting as well as being harder to use as they have different amounts of health which each of them can be set to in, addition to build times and require materials to be used instead of having a set amount of forts down at a time which means throwing down a bunch of forts that die imediately would make you run out of resources instead of having a infinite amount of forts to pull out of your ass as long as you have fort units avalible and the fusion cutter can remove the forts placed down making EE engineer hard counter the fort tablet giving it more of a use and role on the server which would be great. The method of regaining materials which we agreed upon is to have joefort_ressource_100 on the f4 menu of the jobs with the fort data pad which is the smallest but to be allowed to spawn it you would need to do /rp Gathers scrap and then do % but it will also have a cool down which will be heavilly enforced as well as limiting to where you can gather resourses to Workshop/ AIC or places where ships have blown up during the event or droids have been and make the /rp fit what they are scrapping if they are as well as, making sure that people are not on the K company job outside of event/ trainings.

Forts with this addon are also catergorised allowing us to select what type of fort we are spawning instead of having to search through our forts to find the one we want which would be a huge quality of life change included in this addon.

We also want to remove the Mine fort that is on the tablet as it dosent fit with how we would use it and will probably be a nusance to the server.

With this we would also like some extra forts added to the datapad to make it a bit more well rounded to utalise more props as the ones on the current one are not the best and could use some extra to fill some gaps we would otherwise have and also do some more intresting things which the tablet is capable of doing such as allowing us to build FOB's without needing the assistance of staff to do so which would add new objectives as it cost 1000 which would need a lot of time or makes us call in a resource air drop as a side objective for an planetary. The forts we want added shown in the image bellow I also have already done the code for these props meaning that implementing them should be easier. Code here This should make it that all that needs to be done is to ajust numbers that are listed below in the purple as well as any changes seniors decide might be needed.

Add-ons needed: Joe Forts and Required materials


Suggestion: (Only vote on this if the Joe forts addon passes) Keep Alydus fort tablet and added the props included onto the fort datapad. As well as keeping EE engineer having the Fort tablet instead of data pad.

Reason for Suggestion: Alydus fort tablet addon has a lot of good barricade props included in the addon which are used in quite a lot of dupes as well as the addon not being too big keeping this addon would be good for the props kept and keeping the fortification pad on EE engineer as it fits EE engineer better as staff wouldnt have to worry about the EE engineers running out of resources and have to baby sit them.

If it passes to keep them 327th would like to have some of the props added to the fort pad which the code for was included in the document listed above seperated by a subtitle. Here is a image of the stats we want on the forts:

Add-ons needed: None

Suggestion: Make a Sim Bomber job with the lfs_fb_laatispacegunship_muunilinst and lunasflightschool_nbt630 on the f4 menu and no other ships with the same model as sim pilot and loadout.

Reason for Suggestion: Currently doing trainings with bombers requires us to spam fleet/ Gens with requests to deploy them which is why we want a job that can spawn them in their F4 menu but making it a seperate job so that during open flight sims or pvp events random shitters that get set to the job don't pull them out and go around bombing everyone.

Add-ons needed: None


Change the name of the Storm Squadron job to Talon Squadron

Reason for Suggestion: Its name was changed a while ago to Talon and I have only just gotten around to get its name changed so that it fits the name of the spec.

Add-ons needed: None



On Behalf of the MvG Staff Team, the following suggestion has been Accepted!

Expect to see it be added soon!

Many thanks!

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// Fort Tab Suggestion Completed - New fort tab will be in the 327th jobs on server restart/map change. The fort tab and materials are in the workshopDl so should be automaticly downloaded when joining the server. Any issues let me know

The other suggestions in this post are still being worked on

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