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Hey everyone im Drizz been playing for a couple days now but some of you may know me back ages ago as i used to be an admin on the CW server im happy to be back gaming with everyone and if you see me dont hesitate to come up and talk to me! 

MVG Regiment History

  • ARC Commander 
  • CE Commander
  • RC Sev
  • CT Commander
  • Jedi Guardian
  • Officer
  • 501st SGM
  • GC SGM

Staff History

  • Admin Clone Wars Server 
  • Moderator Dark RP


ready up on plateup please

Main Regimental History

501st XO / Captain Rex (HSR) & 501st Captain (Battlefront), Grand Master Yoda (x3), Master, Supreme General (x2), High General (x2), General Anakin Skywalker (x5) & Mace Windu, Kit Fisto, Grand Admiral (Imperial), CT/501st/Jedi Hall of Famer



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