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Have you have come across an incident on the server that may not be against the server rules but has upset you or angered you? Have you found an in-game feature you feel is completely ridiculous and not fitting for MVG? This is where a complain comes in. You can make a complaint about anything relating to the community and it will be looked into by members of the staff team.[/center]

Time & Patience

Each complaint will be reviewed by multiple staff members and, sometimes, other community members if needed. As such complaints may take time before a conclusion on the issue can be reached. Please be prepared to wait some time, when making a complaint, for a conclusion to be reached and any action needed to be taken. Please also understand that just because a conclusion in your favour is reached action may not be taken for some time after.


Though evidence of an incident may not be required, please be ready to provide any if requested by the reviewing staff member. If you do not have any evidence, or the complaint is relating to a feature, please specify this on the initial post. If you wish to keep evidence private please make this clear in the original post and be prepared to submit this to a staff member per request.

These are the requirements for video evidence:

  • Must be of a high quality where any names are readable.
  • Must not be edited in any way, unless specifically requested.
  • Audio must be of a good level and cannot cut game or communication sound.

These are the requirements for screenshot evidence:

  • Must be of a high quality where any names are readable.
  • Must not be edited in any way, unless specifically requested.
  • Must add value to and be relevant to the report.


Please stay mature when writing a Complaint. If you choose to be petty and immature when submitting a complaint, it may be instantly closed by the reviewing staff member. We will not accept any sort of foul language in a complaint.

Only the necessary parts of the template are required. For example if you are making a complaint about a feature, "Their Name" and "Their SteamID" is unnecessary and does not need to be included. If you wish to create an anonymous report, you may reefer to the Private Reports Section of the forums.



Your In-Game Name:
Your steamID:

Their Name:
Their SteamID:




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