November Development Update

November Development Update

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November Development Update

Welcome Aiden and Dylan to the team as Community Developers.

Clone Wars

Development has been a bit slow the last couple of weeks due to our dev server host closing and the transfer to a new dev server taking longer than planned. We hope to have development back up to the levels during the middle of October in the next week or two. Because of this issue the main focus at the start of November will be working though the Suggestion and Bug backlog.

With the change of dev server host we have also expanded our dev server infrastructure, we now have a second development server to allow us to work on more experimental/large projects without impacting the day-to-day implementation of suggestions and bugs. The primary focus of this server will be cleaning up content and working on the rework, please expect some minor delays to the rework while we set this up. These small delays will be worth it in the long-term roadmap.

With the rework we will be continuing to roll out Stage Three however we will also be looking deeper into the content on the server and with our additional server will be able to clean up and rework the server to a further extent, a new rework roadmap will be released shortly, this will not massively impact the rollout times of Stage Three as we still want to reduce content in the shorter term.


We have now been on our new forums for around a month and a half, we are very happy with the overall positive response from the community. A reminder that we will be continuing to develop and adapt the forums to suit our needs. Our Web Developers will be working though the list of bugs and requested changes and should hopefully get some rolled out shortly. Some of the main plans we have are:
- Expanding the Latest Post/Thread section
- Improving the Automated Donation store
- Expanding the reply length cap

A reminder that if you wish to transfer your tags or packages onto these forums please make a ticket in the discord. It is your responsibility to provide evidence of your packages/tags.



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