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Unban Request - Forum Rules

In order to efficiently deal with un-ban requests we ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums have some productive conversation. These rules rules are enforced to ensure staff are able to deal with un-ban requests in a timely manner and respond to all threads without much interruption.


Only those who are directly involved with the an unban request may post a comment on unban threads.
[*] 'Bumping' your own unban request by posting in it or asking for staff to look at it will result in warning points.
[*] If commenting, please have evidence to backup any of your claims.
[*] Do not spam post, or excessively post, unban requests if they are declined. Please review the denial reason and make the needed change(s), if any, before posting subsequent requests.

Warnings & Punishments

If a member posts and elects to ignore the forum rules they may receive a forum warning, suspension or even a community punishment, at the discretion of the forum staff or a higher ranking staff member.

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