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So you have decided to apply for the Republic Navy? Please fill out the template below and your application will be voted on shortly.

Please make sure to check the application status and make sure you meet our requirements before applying.

Note: Ex-ABG+ counts as ex-Naval Officer.



IC Section


Rank (1st LT+ or Council Member):


History: (Please create a back story for your current character): 

Commanding situations: 

Previous Rank's on the Titan: 

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy: 

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: 

OOC Section

Steam name: 


Gametime (approximate): 

Describe the job of the Republic Navy in your eyes: 

Anything else you want to add: 

Clone Wars:
CG Commander
Assistant General: CG, ARC, 501st, CE
Battalion General: 212th, RC, CE, CG, RMT
Supreme General: ARC, WP, CG, GC, 501st, CE, RMT, ARC, GM, CG, ARC, RMT, CE
Grand Admiral
RC CPT Scorch
212th 1st LT
Jedi Guardian
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