Hoppy's/Gaz's Fleet Application

Hoppy's/Gaz's Fleet Application

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Drill Sergeant (Was Given Permission By KasK & JamesB To Apply)

Jedi, Drill Segeant & 212th

History: (Please create a back story for your current character):
Gaz was born on the planet Kamino, like every other clone. As a Clone Trooper he was stationed within the Titan Crew and fought along side in many battle such as defending his home, Kamino, fighting in the planet Ryloth too and many....many more. From Clone Trooper he was promoted to the rank of a Junior Drill Sergeant due to his work and dedication as a Clone Trooper, he then trained, mentored and led his Clone Troopers into missions, taken on the toughest challenges. After completing all qualifications and certifications and with his continued dedication he was promoted to the rank of Drill Sergeant. He now trains not only Cadets but other Junior Drill Sergeant's and now looks to join Fleet to lead his brothers into battle...on a bigger scale.

Commanding situations: 
I've had many Commanding situations, one of my most memorable ones is as 501st Commander. For example, I've maintained the regiment and also provided many trainings, spec ops and cross regiments so I understand how to lead and setup these situations for others and myself. In addition, I was also once a Sub Lieutenant within the Fleet which allowed me to lead all units into battle so I understand the roles of each regiment well and can apply that to win future battles too. As of now, as Drill Sergeant I can train and lead Cadets/Clone Troopers and, as we all know, they can test people's patients and not listen at all, however I know how to discipline and get a good relationship with those around me to work well together.

Previous Rank's on the Titan: 
My previous rank's upon the Titan are as followed: 
- 501st Commander 
- Sub Lieutenant
- Republic Intelligence
- Drill Sergeant (Current)
- 104th Sergeant Major
- GM Staff Sergeant
- 212th Staff Sergeant 
- GC Private First Class
- Jedi Padawan (Current)
- GM Sergeant (Current)

Why do you want to be part of the Republic Navy: 
I want to be a part of the Republic Navy to assist within and to lead missions on a bigger scale as well as setup trainings, spec ops and cross regiments to improve other regiments relationships. I also like to OD and make sure that everything on the ship runs smoothly, I also have always wanted to go higher in Fleet but with being 501st Commander and being busy I never had the time so I want to give it a go and do as stated.

What could you offer to the Republic Navy: 
What I can offer to the Republic Navy and others is my leadship skills, from my multiple experiences as a higher rank and lower rank too. I can also provide good disclipline to those that need it but my main objective if I join Republic Navy is to improve relationships with other regiments with Fleet, for a long time I think there has been a bad aura around Fleet for past members and decisions therefore I want to do my part and attempt to mend these damages.. This will be by being active to lead events, giving out high quality OD leads, and providing trainings and to try and suggest changes I believe are beneficial.


OOC Section

Steam name:


Gametime (approximate):
Around 800-1000 Hours.

Describe the job of the Republic Navy in your eyes:
In my eyes, Republic Navy's job is to maintain the ship and to provide high quality trainings and event leads as well as assist in disciplining those that require disclipline but to also keep a good reputation and relationship between Fleet and regiments but more importantly regiments and other regiments.

Anything else you want to add:
Negative, Drill Sergeant Gaz, Out.


Omega-15 Fi
"Alpha-25, At Your Service"

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-= Credentials: | Codename: KasK | ID: 0109 | Rank: Rear Admiral | Vessel: Titan =- 


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