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Player Report - Forum Rules

Updated Sep 2022 by Community Manager Rush

In order to efficiently deal with player reports we ask that you follow these guidelines to ensure that the forums have some productive conversation. These rules rules are enforced to ensure staff are able to deal with reports in a timely manner and respond to all threads without much interruption and also allow all involved parties to have a fair say without fear of being shouted down by another, un-involved, party.


Only those who are directly involved with the player report may post a comment on player report threads.

All player reports must contain substantial evidence. Failure to provide evidence within 24 hours of posting will result in immediate denial - If you would like evidence to remain private, and have a good reason to do so, you must make this clear on the initial thread and contact the reviewing staff member at the earliest convince.

All reports must be substantial - do not create a salt report in order to cause drama. Fake reports will be punishable.

Before posting, please try to resolve the issue with the player or players you are reporting beforehand, a report should always be the last resort if nothing gets resolved.

Warnings & Punishments

If a member posts and elects to ignore the forum rules they may receive a forum warning, suspension or even a community punishment, at the discretion of the reviewing staff member / PR Staff or Senior Management.

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