Clone Wars PAC3 OOC Rules

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Clone Wars PAC3 OOC Rules


1. You must use a responsible amount of props/entities on your character. It is to the staff's judgement what is deemed as a reasonable amount.

2. No Powergaming - For example giving yourself a Level 2 ID card on your character when you have Level 1 ID card in your job.


3. All changes must make sense in a RP perspective. For example, you may expect to see a 327th with an electronic arm device for scanning but not a player in a role who does not perform scans. Such as small details to help with immersion and other aspects of your character as listed within the rules.


4. You cannot modify weapons/items unless specific permission from an admin or above AND fleet.

5. You cannot use PAC to gain an unfair advantage, this means no editing your player size, colour or material.

5B. Do not apply PACs to other players or entities.

6. You should not use PAC in crowded areas and may be asked to remove your PAC temporarily. If you refuse, your access to PAC will be for a time removed. Common places are places such as ceremonies or debriefs. If the staff clear everybody's PAC3, you may not wear your modifications until given permission by staff.


7. "Un-natural" changes such as prosthetic or robotic parts can not be added out of thin air. See IC rule 4 for more details.


8. Players cannot use imported emitters, effects, textures or models.

8B - Unless you are planning on standing still, the animation cannot be static (that means when you move the animation does not. For example you stand still when in reality you are walking forward).

8C - The animation cannot be a "prone" animation.

8D - The animation cannot be exploited or used to gain a tactical advantage.


9 - Capes/Hoods: See IC Rules 2 and 3

9B - Flags/OOC Insignia's: The use of OOC Flags/Insignia's is not allowed. Clones and troopers are not samurai. You look different to everyone else anyway if you get PAC3 no need to stick out like a saw thumb. Only Regimental Flags may be used by the appropriate IC Rank when out of combat.

9C - Sounds: The playing of sounds through PAC is prohibited. This include music, voice commands, any sound.

9D - Actions: These are things such as sitting, kneeling, meditating and dabbing. Yes and no. If it makes sense for your character to do those actions yes if not No. Use common sense. No-one would Dab ever in the Star Wars universe, but they would meditate as a Jedi or Sith, or kneel as a Medical personnel to get a better look at a corpse.

9E - Gun events: These are events that put weapons on your back and the answer is yes. If you are using the weapon model that corresponds to your weapon. The amount of weapons you put on yourself is limited to 2 - duel weapons such as duel pistols count as one weapon on your character.

9F - Robotic Limbs: See IC rule 4.

9G - Items: Your items must make Roleplaying sense in the Star Wars universe. A CT can't be carrying around a chainsaw instead of a gun and force users can't just look like ninjas.

9H - Player Models: Player models may only be altered through PAC by Fleet and Jedi once a character story has been written on the forum and accepted by an Admin+. You may not change your player-model to an entire new model.

9I - The use of lasers is prohibited.

9J - Companions are not allowed.

10. Requesting a staff member to view your
application or advertising your app in any way will result in instant denial, with the user having to wait 2 weeks to re-apply.

11. All PAC rules still apply during server 'down-time'.

12. PAC must not be edited in an area that affects the role play of the server. For example, standing and editing PAC in the middle of Deck 2.

13. Staff members must hold the rank of Admin+ to accept/deny PAC applications and Character Stories with PAC aspects.

14. Staff members gain automatic access to PAC and will lose access if they step down or break any of the rules. Advisors have access to PAC3 however must still apply for PAC on the forum at the required rank in order to use it.

15. Text screens on your character are prohibited unless part of a holographic screen such as an arm scanner, text screens are limited to one.

16. The PAC camera must not be abused. Using the camera from an unnatural distance away will be considered abuse - e.g. Flying it across the room or into other areas of the map which are more than a few feet away from your character.

17. You may not 'Blacklist' individuals from seeing your PAC. All members of staff, as well as other members of the community, must be able to see your PAC. Breaking this rule will result in the immediate removal of PAC access.

18. Staff's word is final. If a staff member tells you to remove or amend your PAC, do it. If you take issue with their request, ask to speak to a higher up in staff but respect the final decision.




Failure to comply with the rules

By using PAC in game you agree to all of the above stated rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in the following punishments (as well as any warns/kicks/bans that may occur):

Warning - Initial warning from staff to amend the PAC.
1st Strike - User will lose access to PAC for 7 days.
2nd Strike - User will lose access to PAC for 2 weeks and will have to re-apply.
3rd Strike - User will be blacklisted from using PAC indefinitely.



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