Froppy's Warn Appeal

Froppy's Warn Appeal

Your In-Game Name: Froppy
Your steamID: STEAM_0:0:450894114

Their Name: Keller
Their SteamID: STEAM_0:0:6581311

Summary: Was in Debrief waiting around with my headphones on waiting for it to finish, while watching snapchat reels. While watching it I accidentally pressed down on my Push-to-Talk button on my mouse as its very sensitive. When pressing it, obviously, it played while DB was watching on full volume because obviously, my headphones are nearly noise-canceling. Didnt realise what happened till Keller grabbed me and pulled me away. 

Complaint: I realise why I was warned and such, and I wont let it happen again, changed my bind while I was frozen actually. I didn't mean to disturb debrief at all, I just have a very shitty old mouse and HyperX Quadcast S, so a sensitive mic too lol. I will try to be more careful next time. I did attempt to say this but I realised I was gagged when Keller left and someone else mentioned it. 

Evidence: I don't have any sadly but Ive been on the server for more than 6 month at this point and haven't had a single issue. This is my first warn and the only one I intend to get. I do apologise that I cannot prove that I did not intend to cause a disturbance. I just like funny videos with monkeys on snapchat is all.

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Hello Froppy,

After looking at your singular warn in game for Mic Spam. I can see over the 6 months that you have been playing is that your an overall well-behaved player.

Therefore, I can remove this warn from you on this occasion. Though please take precaution in the future as a 2nd offence may be unlikely to get removed.

// Warn removed in game - Have fun.


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