the end of BG Dylan

the end of BG Dylan

Hello all you are reading right, i the Top G steped down from BG and i am now Delta-62 CPT Scorch.

I want to thank some people for my time in Generals.

Keller: man that got me to where i am today, taught me all ik and went through shit with me in game and out of game, Bossman.

King: stoner backed me always made me smile.

Ellis: eats butter dirty scouser always made me laugh.

Water: my first ABG that left me, you was jokes mad respect for you.

Walker: L you didnt get ABG still love you fo rmaking me laugh and have fun.

Kest: man that got me powerplayed in RC and helped me stop playing IMP.

Boomer: my CO held my hand and dealt with my shit all time.

Ferd: worst scorch got demoted for taking rex to iraq in a LAAT.

Karo: was gonna be my ABG but left and was a top teir XO that helped me get to ABG.

Beast: the man that stoped me from getting removed as RC CO and helped me massivly glad u finally got CO.

Breakz: shit RA that i made sick on call.

Chi: top develapor with vale skills, do well as CO.

Locho: shame ur not yoda but will make great XO.

Coombe: thank you for your service also sorry i didnt give you your ribbon.

Tomery: cant wait to help you in RC cause your to busy getting poongtang.

Jensen: reason i steped down thanks ( shit CO)

Star: get XO and be chris eubank.

JamesB: love of my life.

Lad: much love but fuck ur GH course also helped me resign.

Cobala: sorry im gone but Get CO u will be great.

most of 327th and Ikora: loved the short time i was in 327th was jokes ur all great people please stop playing that trash game tho.

Roger: fuck you and what you did when u left( much love).

Starkiller/Jeb: was a mong became jedi master and bigger mong but i rate u for it was jokes shame you was poo with RPS and didnt kill anyone.

i cant remember much else to specific say, but i must thank you all for dealing with my BS ik im a handful thank you for having me as your BG i just hope your all ready for ping launchers.

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Dylan I never want to see your arse again I've seen it twice both times it made me throw up

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didn't even leave the server why u making a forum post neek

jk ly

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good man, glad to see you're still gonna play as RC

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Have a great time as scorch man , DONT PING LAUNCHER ME ! 

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Ah amazing, you can now focus all of your time on development, more stupid RC reworks.

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My Honest reaction to this post:

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act robot

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