Warn Appeal

Warn Appeal

Your In-Game Name: Jedi Knight Keith
Your steamID: STEAM_0:1:61759190

Their Name: Keller
Their SteamID: STEAM_0:0:6581311

Summary: After a very chaotic base event hosted on the wrong map, a lot of people got fed up with the mapchange and decided to use /RP to "sabotage" the way to return to the venator so we could all stay on anaxes. Due to this blatant failrp, Keller said publicly in OOC that the next people who abused /RP would be warned. Now i had already boarded a LAAT and written my message of "/rp farts in laat" and i did not see his message.

Complaint:  Now i can not prove that i didnt see it or that i did. And i do understand that what i did was a valid reason for a warn, however ive managed to stay on the server for a year with no warnings and i would prefer to keep it that way. As i did not participate in the actual /rp sabotage and such and only did my own thing, i hope you can forgive me and remove my warn. I do not intend to commit failrp again, nor fart in any laats. Thank you for the consideration and i hope i have earned your forgiveness, or at least an understanding.

Evidence: -Crashed during mapchange and due to being warned seconds before, i was unable to capture any-

Hi, I'll remove your warn, appreciate the time it took to make the post and apologise etc etc, thank you. 

Should be removed next time on server. //Keller

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