212th 1st LT Jager PAC application

212th 1st LT Jager PAC application

In-Game Name(s): PS 1st LT GB DSM 2223 Barlex|Jager

SteamID: STEAM_0:1:553815145

In-game Rank(A minimum rank of 1st LT or Master Specialist is needed): 1st LT

For what reasons would you use PAC? (A minimum of 100 words): Due to having a lore character i believe that pac would give me the ability to stand out from the rest and really cement that lore character as being my own. Not only that i believe it would make my character look more battle ready & experienced as this is mirrors my lore character perfectly. Due to me also being Parjai it would help if i could attach airbourne equipment to my character also to help me stand out, in addition I am a member of Ghost Company so being able to blend the armour and unifrom of both specialisations would further make my Lore Character not only look the part of an airbourne trooper but also that of a 212th Ghost company LT.  

Give us an example of what you would put on your character(s): My DLT and RPS on my back, pistols in my holster, markings of both GC and Parjai on my armour. Thermal Dets attached to my battle belt to.  

What effect would it have on your RP? (A minimum of 100 words): As i touched on above it would help massively in helping stand out due to the fact of me being a Parjai Lead and Ghost Banshee as there are situations where people do not realise i am GC or although it says above my name i am. It would also make i more believable as i wont be pulling weapons or equipment out of no where as it would already be somewhere on my character. It would help immensely in RP situations or when a Parjai Mission occurs and i feel like i could come up with some creative ideas that help me stand out while looking the part. 

How many warnings do you have?: 0

Have you had PAC3 previously?: No

Are you fully aware that if you breach any of the rules your access will be removed?: Yes

Granted// Keller


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