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May Development Update

It has been a while since I last wrote one of these, this is due to a variety of different reasons however now I am slightly less busy and development has started to kick up again these updates will happen monthly again (like at the end of 2022).

Clone Wars Development

Performance is once again becoming an issue on the server, while we are working on a rework and restructure of the server we are also going to be making some changes to the server as it is currently to try and improve performance in the time before the Helix Rework is released. Some of the changes we will be making are as follows:

- Removing unnecessary/unused addons from the server
- Removing some non-vital performance heavy addons from the server
- Increased monitoring server performance to identify sources of excess lag
- Improved performance testing of new content being added (details of this testing are still TBC)
- Cleaning up the server files and removing old/outdated files 

These are just some of the main things we will be doing and there will be other tasks being done by devs in the background to ensure that the server is smoother and more fun to play on (at least performance wise, cannot speak for event quality etc)

As well as these performance tasks we will also be continuing to fix bugs and implement accepted suggestions alongside the other projects being worked on, we will be trying to ensure suggestion/bugs do not slow down significantly because of these projects, however during the later stages of these projects (specifically the rework) there may be some delays/backlog as the focus will be on rolling out the finished projects.


Clone Wars Rework (Helix)

As I am sure you are aware we recently announced a major rework of the server, this will involve rebuilding the server from scratch, removing unneeded content and shifting the server from the DarkRP base to our new SW gamemode made using the Helix Framework. This will be a major change for the server and something we believe will improve both performance and the player experience. This project will not be completed fast as we want to get it done properly and one of the main focuses of this project (which I hope we are now making very clear) is getting as much community feedback as possible so we can shape our new gamemode to the communities liking where possible. 

As part of this community interaction the first (of many) bi-weekly update has gone live, I would strongly encourage you to read all of the helix updates and get involved in any discussions happening on the update posts. I would also encourage you to ask any questions you have on the Helix Rework Q&A post, and we will attempt to answer them as much as we can. 


Development Communication

As always I am looking at new ways of communicating development with the community, we have a couple of new systems/projects in the works to increase the communities awareness of development, sadly none of them are quite ready to show-off/release yet but stay tuned for future updates.



That is all for this update, this one is quite heavily focused on CW as that is our current priority. Keep an eye on the forums and discord for future updates and progress announcements.

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