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MVG Clone Wars Rework Announcement

As noticeable especially in events on Clone Wars in the last year, the server's performance can be lacking. With low fps, low tickrate and general poor performance, the server needs a little helping hand. As such, a server rebuild has been in progress behind the scenes, using as little code as possible from the outdated DarkRP gamemode we currently use.

Now, the major part of this announcement which everything is base around is the new gamemode base; HELIX.

What is Helix?

Helix is feature-rich and will give us more control and extensibility, allowing the dev team to develop our own gamemode, without the bloat of DarkRP.

Some of the great features of Helix include:

  • Inventory system: No need for RDV Requisitions, F4 Entities, or jump-pack/jetpack SWEPs. The Inventory would be your one-stop-window to see everything that your character has.
  • Attributes: want to see some progression that isn't just gaining promotions? Level up your attributes, like Engineering (don't worry 327th) through doing actions on the server, and see for yourself their benefits.
  • Crafting: Learn to craft new items (maybe even weapons and attachments) through finding and reading blueprints and schematics. Level up your Engineering and Gunsmithing skills through crafting them.
  • Characters: no more needing to change your name whenever you swap your job, the Characters system allows for you to completely swap identities to another Character instantly, even down to having independent inventories and attributes!
  • RP Upgrades: while we don't have too much to say on this now, expect things like medi and engineering checkups to have a more RP focused impact on the server and your character.

What does this mean right now?

For this very moment, very little. Whilst Helix is being explored and developed, the main focus remains on the current server. Bug fixes and suggestions will still be completed. As we approach a point of Helix being near ready to play, development of suggestions for the existing server will slow down in order to focus on final stages (bug fixes will continue).

Development Updates

To aid with transparency and keep you informed of progress, you can expect a lot more details about what was said above, as well as more about Helix as we continue to develop new ideas and implement new features. There will be bi-weekly updates from the main developer of this project, Chi, via the Forums/Discord, at-minimum every two weeks (aiming for an every-other-Thursday). Not everything will be covered in these blog posts, but we hope that these more frequent communication updates, as well as Dandy's larger monthly posts, we can make everyone happy with what we're doing.

Player Feedback

Arguably the most important part of this entire operation is the feedback from you, the community. Helix opens to door to a lot of possibilities, but what features get implemented comes down to your feedback. You will have the opportunity to experience this first hand before we make any drastic decisions
and changes.

General Q&As

Q: Is this a full reset?
A: No! No progress will be lost to your rank or wiltOS progress

Q: When will this come out?
A: There is no set date or time-scale. This is a big endeavour and is going to take a lot of time and effort

Q: How will this impact RP?
A: Outside of what's already been said above, there's a LOT of improvements coming, but for the time being we're continuing to work on new features and systems to improve RP

Q: How will this affect the server performance?
A: Positively! (we hope) Seeing as it's a complete rebuild of the server we're going to be taking our time to evaluate everything that's currently on the server and whether or not we can axe it or optimise it

Q: What does this mean for suggestions/bug fixes now
A: Bug fixes and suggestions for the current server will continue, just time will be split between the two

Q: When can I play this?
A: Throughout development, there will be opportunities to play-test, whether it is specific features or a full play test. When there is oppourtunity to attend these, you will be informed

Q: What if I don't like it?
A: Your feedback is important to what features are included. If the playerbase do not want or like certain ideas, nothing will be forced on you

If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask on the dedicated thread: MVG Clone Wars Rework Q&A. Keep an eye out for future updates on this announcement thread regarding feature testing and beta/play testing.

DarkRP is old, and limits what you can do with RP servers.
Helix is being built and developed on.
It's a fair while off being ready given it's a complete re-build.
There's is a lot of potential benefits to the server.
Expect bi-weekly updates from Chi with regards to the progress on Helix.
If you have any questions leave them below, and we can leave our answers.
There's a lot more news to come.
Your feedback is an important part of the direction this goes.

Many Thanks,
MVG Senior Team, Development Team & Chi

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Quick Clarification

We want to clarify that the features of Helix are subject to change based on community feedback, nothing in its current state is set in stone. We are reveling this project at an early state to get feedback on what people want our Helix gamemode to look like. While the post may of contined some things we like and have implemented to show what Helix can do they are in no way final, in the end this gamemode will be customised to the communitys liking not mine and Chi's

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