Imperial Special Forces
The Imperial Special Forces are the military units and individuals of the Galactic Empire who are trained to carry out special operations. They server one of the Special Forces Branches depending on the regiment they server under.
Special Forces is commanded and lead by NI and RA+

To get into Imperial SF you need to undertake a 2 part, 1 strike tryout to ensure you are up to the task. The first part is a strict mando including Faces, Formations and Questions. The second part is a series of SIMs so test your abilities

The ranking structure in SF is as follows:
  • Squad Trainee (The trial period of SF)
  • Squad Trooper (The normal troopers of SF)
  • Squad Officer (The officers of SF)
  • Squad Leader (The leader of a SF branch)

Imperial Commandos
The Imperial Commando are a special forces division of elite operatives specializing in Frontline and behind enemy lines combat. They serve as a special division within the 501st Legion

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Ghost Company
Ghost Company are a elite special forces team specializing in breaching, explosives, flames and clearing hostiles environments. They serve as a special division within the 212th Attack Battalion

They have at their disposal

Impact Grenade
Breaching Charge


Death Trooper

DT are the elite variant of the Galactic Empire's Shock Commandos specializing in stealth, extraction and lethality. They serve as protective detail for NI and RA+

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Advanced Recon Commandos
ARC are an elite special forces squad specialising in Aerial Combat, Stealth and more close range attacks compared to Scout troopers. They serve as a special division within the Imperial Scout Troopers

They have at their disposal

TL-50 Heavy Repeater
WESTAR-11 Rifle
DC-15A Pistol
Grappling Hook
Cloaking Device
Fiber Wire
Smoke Grenade


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