In game name = JabbaDaHut.
Character Name = Exo.
Steam Id=76561198382945026
Character Sex=Male
Character Age=17
I was born in a desert planet.It all started when I was a child Droids invaded our planet at the time we didnt have many fighters exceppt desert warriors.My father trained me to become a desert warrior and I was doing really well I was about to become a frontline warrior until my father and mother were killed by a droid.I made my word I would help in the frontlines for my planet but There were these droids with lightsabers who were taking out all the desert warriors.I ran away and hid until they killed my race.Once they were gone the republic invaded my planet and took all the survivours.I was one of them I was taken in to become a Jedi I was trained and fully became a jedi.
Pac 3 request to make my jedi outfit to be a desertwarrior/jedi.It will have a cloak and desert yellow robes with a armoured mask.Avatar is not finished yet