Hello, hopeful to start your journey on becoming a member of MVG's Imperial Staff Team? Please copy the template below, and fill out your application.

  • You MUST have a minimum of one week game-time to apply
  • If you do not meet this criteria you must not apply, no exceptions can be made!
  • You must be over the age of 16, no exceptions.
  • You must have a working microphone
  • You MUST wait a minimum of 2 weeks before re-applying to become staff
  • You must NOT be staff or have staff privileges on any other server
  • When applying to become staff please name your application like so "Samms' 1st Moderator Application
  • Asking a staff member or another member of the community to look at your application will result in an instant denial as it is classified as advertising.
Copy and fill in the template below

[color=#6e23dd][size=5]Steam name:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Steam ID:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]In-Game name(s):[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Do you have a mic?:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]How active are you on the forums?:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Have you ever received any kind of punishment? Such as a warn, kick, ban?:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]In-game playtime total:[/size][/color] (A minimum of 1 weeks in-game play-time is required) [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Age: (You must be 16 or over NO EXCEPTIONS)[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Where are you from: (Please include the timezone compared to GMT)[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd] [size=5]A bit about you:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Other staffing experience:[/size][/color] [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Why would you like to become a staff member:[/size][/color]. [color=#6e23dd][size=5]Do you accept the responsibilities put forward in the Official Staff Guidelines:[/size][/color]. [/center]