Current Status of Imperial Staff Applications:: Closed

All Imperial Staff Applications are reviewed on Sunday
during our 6pm GMT meeting.

If you have applied for staff please be online between 6:00pm GMT/ 10:00pm GMT on Sundays to recieve your staff application result.

What happens when you become a Trial Moderator?
The Trial-Moderators are the newest members of the team, they will be working to prove themselves to hopefully achieve the rank of full Moderator. As a Trial Moderator you will be assigned a mentor of the Rank Admin+ the mentor will teach you how to staff the servers and how in game/ out of game system's work's alongwith anything you need they will help you with any problems you may have. During your trial period you usually be approached by one of the Senior Admin's or Head Admin's to see how you are getting on if there is anything that you need help with. Trial Moderators will be answering Staff calls and working with Moderators and Admins/Senior Admins to bring the community high quality events.

What happens when you become a Advisor?
Although not officially part of the Staff Team, they work alongside the Staff Team to relieve some of the pressure by assisting with whitelisting and other minor staffing duties. These will usually be the first to be selected to be temporary staff when, on the rare occasion, the servers are under staffed. This rank is usually granted to those who are considered not ready for staff at the time but with some experienced could possibly become a Trial-Moderator, kind of like an apprenticeship role within the staff team. This is one of the best ways to get into the staff team, as it gains you vital experience needed to become a staff member.[/b]

All Applications are voted on by all staff.